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Reality bites   Misc. Soundtrack

"Bed of Roses" by the Indians
from the soundtrack to _Reality Bites_

This is a fairly simple song, with three discrete parts: one behind the verses
and chorus, one behind the bridge, and a third before the solo.

Part I:


Just play that over and over behind the verses ("Some people...") and the 
chorus ("No bed of roses").

Part II:


OK, that was overkill. This goes behind the bridge: "Life/It can lift you up/
It can drag you down/Life don't have to be..."

Part III:




Then the rhythm guitar goes back to Part I, while the lead guitar starts 
soloing in Dm pentatonic at the 10th fret.

email me w/ questions/criticisms/or if you just find it helpful.


           Here's a great little song (by an equally great
           little band) off of "Become What You Are" and 
           the "Reality Bites" soundtrack. Tap your pick
           on muffled strings to get the effect from the
           intro. The song's all chords but I threw in
           a few tab parts if you need them...
          "Spin The Bottle" - The Juliana Hatfield Three
                  -transcribed by Steve Nazarian-
Tab:    (h) = hammer on            x = percussion  
         /  = slide up to a note   \ = slide down to a note

     E       A    B      E   A    B       E       A    B  
    ....part 1......    ....part 2....     ....part 3....
 E      A     B               E           A      B  
 He's a movie star,           Only drives rented cars       (part 1 - 2X) 
 E         A    B             E             A       B
 I met him in a bar,          I said I know who you are     (part 1 - 2X)

 E        A     B             E            A    B
 Took him to my party,        As the games were starting    (part 2 - 2X)
 E           A   B            E       A     B
 Bottle's on the ground,      Are you ready now?            (part 2 - 2X)

 E       A        B           E         A  B
 When it comes to me,         I'm gonna be ready            (part 1 - 2X)
 E            A    B          E            A          B 
 It's my turn in a minute,    Gonna put my message in it    (part 1 - 2X)
 C#m    C                 C#m            G     
 Five   minutes,   in the closet,   with you
 E               A  B         E      A      B 
 He's in a bunch of movies,   Really stupid movies          (part 1 - 2X)
 E                 A   B      E                 A  B
 It's not entirely his fault, You can't control it all      (part 1 - 2X)

 E    A   B                   E     A      B
 I am not afraid,             I can hardly wait             (part 2 - 2X)
 E               A     B      E                A    B
 Truth or dare I don't care,  Tell the truth I dare you     (part 2 - 2X)
 E       A     B
 When it comes around (4X)                                  (part 2 - 2X)

 Asus2                        Asus2
 Do you feel it too,          What I feel for you  
 Asus2                        Asus2
 If it was just us,           Would you do what I'd die

 E         A    B
 Doo  doo  doo  doo (4X)                                    (part 1 - 4X)
                                                            (w/ part 3)
 E           A      B         E           A     B
 Everybody's watching,        Everybody's looking           (part 1 - 2X)
 E           A B              E             A       B
 She is such a sucker,        He don't want to fuck her     (part 1 - 2X)

 E           A    B           E             A    B
 He is gonna kiss me,         If he doesn't miss me         (part 2 - 2X)
 E             A  B           E          A   B
 I'm ready for it now,        Already on the ground         (part 2 - 2X)
 C#m    C                C#m           G
 Five   minutes,  in the closet,  with you (2X)             

 E       A     B 
 Spin it round again (8X)                                   (part 2 - 2X)

 E - 022100    B - x2444x    C - x3555x    Asus2 - 557755      

 A - x02220    G - 355433    C#m - x46654

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