Whiter shade of pale

Procol Harum

Keith Reid and Gary Brooker (Procul Harum) (C) 1967
Intro: (all notes in first position)
C Am F Dm G Em G7 C F G F G7 --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| --------|--------|------01|--------|0-----13|--------|--------|--------| --------|--------|2-------|--------|0-------|0-0-----|--------|--------| 2-------|20---02-|3-------|323---0-|0-------|-3---323|320--023|--023230| 3-------|3-323--3|3-------|--------|--------|--------|---33---|23------| 3-------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|
C Am We skipped the light fandango <--- verse I She said "There is no reason, <--- verse II
F Dm And turned cartwheels across the floor And the truth is plain to see,"
G Em G7 I was feeling kind of seasick But I wandered through my playing cards
C Am Em But the crowd called out for more And would not let her be F Dm The room was humming harder One of sixteen vestal virgins
G Em G7 As the ceiling flew a- way Who were leaving for the coast
C Am Em When we called out for a- nother drink And although my eyes were o- pen
F Dm The waiter brought a tray They might just as well have been closed
G13 C6 Cmaj7 Am C And so it was that later
F Dm As the miller told his tale

G Em That her face at first just ghostly
G7 C F C G7 C (second time) Turned a whiter shade of pale
-- -<*>-
From uunet!mcsun!fuug!funic!polaris!jriitala Sat Jul 18 13:22:30 PDT 1992
Keywords: procal harum Reply-To: jriitala@polaris.utu.fi
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macon@gallifry.Berkeley.EDU (Glen Macon) writes: >Title: WHITER SHADE OF PALE (Procal Harum)
Some corrections to the chords. I'm writing this from my head so these may be a bit off, too, but certainly closer. My chart says it's in C but I think I never did actually check it, so I'll stay in G.
> G F# Em D G D/F# Em Em7/D > We skipped the last fandango > C Bm Am G C G/B Am Am7/G > Turned cart-wheels `cross the floor > D C Bm Am D D7/C Bm7 D7/A > I was feeling kind of sea-sick
and so on
> D G F# Em D D13 G D/F# Em Em7/D > CHORUS: And so we watched, and later as in the verse except for the ending which was OK: > G C G D > Turn a whiter shade of pale
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