A girl like you


        I don't know what it's all about
        But I feel I'll soon find out, I am sure I never felt so secure
           It's nothing like I ever thought it would be
           Someone opened up a door for me,    a girl like you
        (I'm in love with)    A girl like you
        (I'm in love with) 
        Must be you that caused this feeling in me
        You that fills me confidently
        You that brings the best out in me
Post-chorus 1:
        Nobody but you
Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb (Bb D F G single notes)
Verse 2:
I don't know what it's all about
I can begin to figure out what to do so I'll leave it to you
Only know that when you're away from me
Nothing satisfies the need in me
For a girl like you
(repeat chorus)
Post-chorus 2:
        Nobody, nobody, oh yeah
Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb (2X)
                                                                                              Verse 3 (partial):
        Every time I'm holding you close to me
        Trouble's gone, it's gone
        I'm in ecstasy    with a girl...
        (I'm in love with)   A girl like you
(I'm in love with) Someone to love me, yeah
(I'm in love with) A girl like you
(I'm in love with) Someone, someone to understand
(I'm in love with) Exactly like you
(I'm in love with) Girl, girl, girl (fade)
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

Bb Cm D7 Dm Eb Eb6/Bb Ebmaj7 F F7 Fm7 Gm Gm7
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