A ray of hope


Intro   :

                                                                 Verse 1:
        Most people got soul, if they wanna try
        Let love be your goal and let it fly
        'Cause it's easy to hate, to draw a line
        But errin' is human, forgivin's divine
                   I know a lot of people who think like me
        That this world could be a place that's filled with harmony
        First there's a lot of things we got to rearrange
        So put 'em into headlines so peace can come and truth shall reign
Chorus 1:
        As long as there is a ray of hope
        Lord, I don't mind goin' out and doin' my work
        Light up the way to brotherhood
 Fmaj7Em7Dm72: make itDm7/G
        Help us to make his dream  understood
Verse 2:
Sometimes the road gets a little rough
Your strength is all gone, you had enough
But there's people who win without making fists
This old world won't survive 'less we think like this
I can't imagine any greater need, no, no
Than to treat each other just like we'd like to be
It's a gas just knowin' what is yet to come
Not unless we get together, got to get together one by one
Chorus 2:
As long as there is a ray of hope
Lord, I don't mind goin' out and doin' my work
Light up the way to brotherhood
           I got to keep on searching, gonna keep on searchin' 'til I find out
(Keep on searchin') 'Til I find out
(Keep on searchin') Gonna take a long look way down inside
        Got to find out, Lord, why I'm alive, yeah
Instrumental break:
        organ and horns over intro chord progression  
 first four lines only
Verse 3 :
We'll pray for a day when all men can be free, yeah
And people can live like they're meant to be
Meanwhile it's all up to you and me
Start workin' together towards this dream
 repeat cborus 1
Chorus 3:
As long as there is a ray of hope
I got to wait my turn, wait my turn 'til I can vote
As long as there is a ray of hope
Gimme, gimme hope, yeah
Coda: [fade out while repeating chorus chord progression; LP version ends
with excerpt from "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (ahh, 1968...]
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

Abmaj7 Am Am7 Bbm7 C C/B Cmaj7 Dm7 Dm7/G Em7 Fmaj7 G Gmaj7
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