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Kohoutek   R.E.M

   While flipping through my old high school calculus text the other week,
checking something about ellipses for another course, I found this:
    The ratio (sqrt(a^2-b^2)/a) = e, called the eccentricity of the ellipse,
    varies from 0 to 1 and indicates the degree of departure from circularity.
    ... Most of the planets, including the earth, have orbits that are nearly 
    circular...Pluto, however, has a fairly eccentric orbit, with e=0.25, as 
    does Mercury...Icarus, an asteroid about 1 mile wide that revolves around
    the sun every 409 earth days, has an orbital eccentricity of 0.83. ... The
    orbit of the comet KOHOUTEK [aha!  Finally the wierdo makes his point...]
    is about 44 astronomical units wide by 3600 AUs long. ...The eccentricity
    of the orbit... is approximately equal to 0.9999. (from Thomas, Finney 
    "Elements of Calculus", p. 532)

That is to say, when she was gone "like Kohoutek", she was gone for a really
long time, and heading almost exactly directly away.  Anyway...

by R.E.M.
from the album _Fables of the Reconstruction_

Tuning: DADGBE (that's dropped D)
[Note: The solo guitar line is marked as being tuned EADGBE.  It's a different
guitar.  It doesn't really matter, however: since the solo line doesn't go
down to the 6th string, you can play both parts on the same guitar without 
chords used: Em (222000), D (000232), G (550003), Bm (x44322)
Em - - -/Em - - -/Em - - -/

G        -      -    -/  
Who will stand alone? 

D     -          -   -/D   -         -    -/
. She carried ribbons, she wore them out 
D       -  -/
Courage built a bridge, . jealous tore it down 
D      -          -     -/Em        -      G    -/
. At least it's something .  you've left behind 
D  -      -   - / D  -         -   -/
. Like Kohoutek,  . you were gone 

Em     -      -   Bm/ Em     
We sat in the garden, we stood on the porch 
Em  -     -    Bm  / G    -      -   -/ D - - -/
I won't deny myself, . we never talked

She wore bangles, she wore bells 
On her toes and she jumped like a fish 
Like a flyin' friend, you were gone 
Like Kohoutek, can't forget that 

Fever built a bridge, reason tore it down  
If I am one to follow... [solo guitar enters]

     who will stand alone?


Maybe you're not the problem  
scissors, paper, stone 
If you stand and holler, these prayers will talk 

She carried ribbons, she wore them out 
Michael built a bridge...Michael tore it down 
At least it's something you've left behind ek, you were gone 

Michael built a bridge... Michael tore it down 
If I stand and holler... will I stand alone? 

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"I've been reaching out to find a friend
 Who knows all the words, sings so she's heard,
 And knows how all the stories end." --Stan Rogers

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