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Wolves lower   R.E.M

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 21:34:24 -0500 (EST)

wolves, lower an early master piece by Peter Buck
I'm a guitar player so I don't have to words, but I beleive that they are 
to be found elsewhere in OLGA

main riff, part the first


part the second

el-5-4-2-0-l D9 (Dsus2)  el-5-4-2-0-l A  repeat 
after second A I play either an Asus2 or this little part (a variation of 
Ages of You for those who notice)


part the third

the chorus is simply  A  Dsus2  G   C

the chorus outro is a little tougher, it resembles an Am chord

bl0---0-1---1---0--l  repeat three times
part the fourth, the bridge

the different recordings have yielded different things to my ears, here's 
two of them

el7-7-7-10--9-9--7-7-9--7-l        l7-7-7-10--9-9--7-7-7-9-10-10-l
bl5-5-5--8--7-7--5-5-7--5-l        l5-5-5--8--7-7--5-5-5-7--8--8-l
gl4-4-4--7--6-6--4-4-6--4-l   or   l4-4-4--7--6-6--4-4-4-6--7--7-l
dl------------------------l        l-----------------------------l
al------------------------l        l-----------------------------l    
el------------------------l        l-----------------------------l
This song sound awkward till you get the hang of it, but give it a shot
If you can correct any of my errors, please do and write in. Peace.

{the intro riff is easier played than typed.  Just hold the
strings and slide your fingers from 3 to 5.  Listen to the record
and it will all be so much easier.  Here is some idea...}

riff:   (E)----3-----5--- repeat with   --0---0---0---0---0---0--
     (B)--5---5-s7--7- slides etc... 5---5---4---4---2---2---4

riff           riff           riff                riff
Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself don't get caught
riff           riff           riff                riff
Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself let us out
riff           riff           riff                riff
Wilder lower wolves here's a house to put wolves out the door


{be as sloppy as you like on the D and A.. that gives it the
minorish feel that not having the right chords tends to lose.  Or
figure out the right variations of D and A (or whatever they are)
and mail me.}

(ch) D  (ch)  A  (ch)  D  (ch)   A  (B):slides--2--4--5--4--2--0-
In a corner garden wilder lower wolves

{i don't know the names of these pseudo chords, but they sound
nice... the A is an A barred at the 5th, the G? is a G barre
without the bar finger.. it is only hit for a millisecond while
going from A to Asus? which is an A with an open B string.  The
next G is an open G, then the G/C is played by moving the two
bass string fingers both one string higher (in pitch)  I have no
idea if it's right.  And pick it all, hitting the high strings.}
     G?        Asus?      G/C
(E)--0--       --0--     --3--
(B)--0--       --0--     --0--
(G)--4--       --2--     --0--
(D)--5--       --2--     --2--
(A)--5--       --0--     --3--
(E)--X--       --X--     --X--

A       G? Asus?   G     G/C
House in order
Down and around beam the party to rise


{crazy instrumental break...  jeez, I don't know .. take a solo. 
Try this if you have no imagination:
(B)--12--12--12--10--9--7--7  etc.. ad infinitum
(G)--12--12--12--12--9--9--9                                }

{repeat the song again and end on a kinda gloomy chord that seems
to be all open strings except (A)--2--}

{If you're like me, you'll be able to do little more than bungle through
 this one at first}

(E) ---0-------0------0-------0--------0-----0---0---0--------------
 Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself don't get caught
 Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself let us out
                                                           {hang on those last
                                                            3 notes, then...}
 Wilder lower wolves here's a house to put wolves out the door

riff2: (E) ---------0-  playing this note on open E facilitates hitting the
       (B) --10-9-8-    D chord on time
{Play "A"  and "D" like this:

"D"  chord:             "A" chord:
(E) --0--                --0--
(E) --0--                --0--
(G) --7--                --7--
(D) --7--                --6--
(A) --0--                --0--

riff2   "D"     riff2  "A"   riff2 "D"     riff2 "A"   (E) --0---0---0---
                                                       (B) -5--4--3----2-
        In a corner   garden       wilder lower wolves

  A         D       G    C   * 3
 House in order
 Down and around beam the party to rise
(E) -12-12-10-9--7-7-9--7
(B) -12-12-10-10-8-8-10-8

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