Prodigal son

Rolling Stones

Prodigal Son - Rolling Stones >From the album 'Beggars Banquet' Traditional
Tabbed by Koen van der Drift
Tune your guitar in open E or open D with a capo at the 2nd position. I prefer the last one, because of the lower string tension, so the strings don't break that easily. The TAB is for open E. Only the basic chord shapes are shown. But this should get you on the way. Remember to listen to the record to get the right groove. The song is very repetitive and once you got the feel, it's very easy!
Have fun,
- Koen.
open E tuning
E |----------------3--0------------| B |---------------------0----------| G# |-----------------------1p0-0----| E |-3-0---0---0--------------------| B |-----3--------------------------| E |---------3----------------------|
The following two chords are played in a very fast strumming pattern. Do not play all six strings all the time, but damp them with you right hand. Every other bar a little riff is played.
E A E |-0-0-|---0----0------0-|-0-0-|---0----0------0-|-(0-0-0-0)-|-0-0-| B |-0-2-|-----0h2---0h2---|-0-2-|-----0h2---0h2---|-(2-2-3-4)-|-0-2-| G# |-0-1-|-----------------|-0-1-|-----------------|-(1-1)-----|-0-1-| E |-0-0-|-----------------|-0-0-|-----------------|-(0-0-0-0)-|-0-0-| B |-0-2-|-----------------|-0-2-|-----------------|0h2-2-3-4--|-0-2-| E |-0-X-|-0---------------|-0-X-|-0---------------|-----------|-0-X-|
--(1)--- means not necessarily played
Now the singing starts, with the following basic pattern accompanying the singing. The strumming rhythm 'follows' the voice, and I show only the 'chords' played.
The poor boy took his father's bread and started down the road
E |--3---0------------3---0---------------3---------------0--| B |--2---0------------2---0---------------2---------------0--| G# |-(0)-(0)----------(0)-(0)-------------(0)-------------(0)-| E |----------------------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------------------| E |----------------------------------------------------------|
Started down the road Took all he had and started down the road E |--7---------------0-----|--0--0-----------------------------------| B |--9---------------0-----|--0--2-----------------------------------| G# |--8---------------0-----|--0--1-----------------------------------| E |------------------------|--0--0-----------------------------------| B |------------------------|--0--2-----------------------------------| E |------------------------|--0--X-----------------------------------| <- the same strumming pattern as above ->
Goin' out in this world where God only knows E |---0----0------0-|-0--0----------------------------------------| B |-----0h2---0h2---|-0--2----------------------------------------| G# |-----------------|-0--1----------------------------------------| E |-----------------|-0--0----------------------------------------| B |-----------------|-0--2----------------------------------------| E |-0---------------|-0--X----------------------------------------| <- the same strumming pattern as above ->
And that will be the way to get along E |-------------------------------------|---0------0------0----| B |----(2)------(2)----(3)---(4)--------|------0h2---0h2-------| G# |----(1)------(1)---------------------|----------------------| E |----(0)------(0)----(0)---(0)--------|----------------------| B |-----2--------2------3-----4---------|----------------------| E |-------------------------------------|-0--------------------| E |-------------------------------------|---0------0------0----| B |----(2)------(2)----(3)---(4)--------|------0h2---0h2-------| G# |----(1)------(1)---------------------|----------------------| E |----(0)------(0)----(0)---(0)--------|----------------------| B |-----2--------2------3-----4---------|----------------------| E |-------------------------------------|-0--------------------|
The outtro chord is:
E |--2---| B |--3---| G# |--0---| E |------| B |------| E |------|
Sorry, no lyrics!

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