Soul man

Sam and Dave

Soul Man - Sam and Dave (words and Music by: David Porter and Isaac Hayes)
This is how I play soul man (please feel free to correct this file):
Verse 1: Comin' to you on a dusty road Good lovin', I got a truck load And when you get it, you got somethin' So don't worry 'cause I'm comin'
Chorus: I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man
Verse 2: Got what I got the hard way And I'll make it better each and every day Be sure hony, don't you fret 'Cause you ain't seen nothin' yet.
Chorus: I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man
Verse 3: I was brought up on a side street I learned how to love before I could eat I was educated at Woodstock When I start lovin', oh I just can't stop
Chorus: I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man
Bridge: Well grab your rope and I'll pull you in Give you hope and be your only boyfriend
e|------------------------------------------ B|---10---8---13---15---17---19---17---13--- G|------------------------------------------ D|---10---8---13---15---17---18---16---13--- A|------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------
Chorus: (From here half-a-tone up -> E=F and Dmaj7=D#maj7) I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man I'm a soul man etc. etc.
Verse: E / Dmaj7 / E
Chorus: E / D / E /(riff1) E / E / D / E / AB (riff2)
Bridge: C / G / A / A/B / A#/C
E e|---4----------- B|---4---5------- G|---4----------- D|---4-------7--- A|--------------- E|---------------
Dmaj7 e|---5-----------
B|---5-------7--- G|---5---6------- D|---5-------7--- A|--------------- E|---------------
A/B e|-----------7--- B|---5----------- G|-------6------- D|-----------7--- A|--------------- E|---------------
A#/C (read B-flat) e|-----------8--- B|---6----------- G|-------7------- D|-----------8--- A|--------------- E|---------------
Intro: e|-------------------------- B|---9---7---12---14---16--- G|-------------------------- D|---9---7---12---14---16--- A|-------------------------- E|--------------------------
Riff1 e|---10---10---10---12--- B|----------------------- G|----------------------- D|----------------------- A|----------------------- E|-----------------------
Riff2 e|------------------------ B|------------------------ G|------------------------ D|------------------------ A|----------------8------- E|---6---8---10-------8---
Gerald Darroch wrote:
> anyone got the guiatr parts to this. I know the start but not the > riff.
The chords for the main riff go:
E1 E2 Gm (E1 and E2 are different inversions of the E chord)
E 0 x x B 5 9 7 G 4 9 6 D 6 9 7 A x x x E x x x
Timing is Bo-Diddley-ish like this:
q e q. e e | e e q q q 4 | - E1 E1 E1 r Gm| Gm Gm E2 E1 r 4 |
(q= quarter, e= eighth, r= rest)
Hope this helps.

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