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Bigmouth strikes again   Smiths

Joe Palumbos		 
  C#m                 E              F#            C#m
       Sweet---ness,     sweet---ness,  I____was only jok - ing when  

          A            B       C#m                     E             
     said   I'd   like___to    smash every  tooth  in ___your head.
(repeat: same chords  ...Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when  
said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed.
 A                B                 C#m               E            F#
    And now I    know how Joan of   Arc felt,     Now_____ I   Know  
              C#m            A        B                 C#m
   Joan of    Arc felt,                       As  the   Flames  rose
                   E                   F#           C#m
   to her Roman    nose    and her     Walk-man     start-ed   

                                      (hear-ing aid)

               A      B
    to melt.
Instrumentally bit filler padding chordy section!!!!!!!

        C#m   E   F#   C#m   A   B   (repeated twice!!!)
     C#m                              E  

     Big  -  mouth   la da da__________ da da              

   F#      C#m                         A         B
           Big--mouth  la da da da               Big mouth  strikes
 C#m                       E                          F#
 again  andd I've got no   right  to  take   my       place    with
  the   human     race
             A        B                  C#m                    E 

              Oh,     oh,    oh oh oh    Big  mouth    la da da da da
  F#       C#                  A          B                   C#m
           Big mouth la da da da,         Big mouth strikes     again
                       E                        F#
   and I've got no     right   to take   my     place    with the
     Human   race. 

      then play  A B  G#m  F# G#m   ad nauseum and sing over the

      "and now I know how Joan of Arc felt....." section if you  
                     I hope this is if help.........the chords are
sound, but what I have trouble with is the rythm of the song, It's
difficult to keep smooth, which is why I've posted all the chord
changes.( I haven't got this record so I can't remember exactly how  
goes which is my problem).



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