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Zooropa  U2

SONGS: Zooropa
Stay ( close!)
The First Time
Dirty Day
The Wanderer
GENERAL COMMENT: To make things easier I've moved all chords half a tone
down, so you should use a capo on the first barre to get
the original tone, unless otherwise specified.
Songs in <> brackets are not available.
Riff1: E ----------5-5--------------  Riff2: E --2---3---2---0------------
       B --3-3-3-3------3-3-3-3-----         B --3---3---3---3------------
       G -----------------------2-2-         G --2---2---2---0------------
       D ---------------------------         D ---------------------------
       A ---------------------------         A ---------------------------
       E ---------------------------         E ---------------------------

Intro:  Riff1[D] [D4] [D] [D9]
        [Am-C-Am-C]          Z[D]ooropa... Vorsprung durch Technik
Zooropa... be all that you can be
B[Em]e a winner[C], [Em]eat to get slimmer[C]
Zooropa... a bluer kind of white
Zooropa... it could be yours tonight
We're mild and green, and squeaky clean
(play intro chords again)
Zooropa... better by design
Zooropa... fly the friendly skies
Through appliance of science
We've got that ring of confidence....
Break: Play riff1. Silence. Play Riff 2 LOUD!
D D4 D D9 <----- This line is what
And I have no compass I call D(riff2)
   [D]  [D4]   And I ha[D]ve no m[D9]ap
    [Em]    And I ha[C]ve no reasons
        No reaso[D]ns[D4] to get bac[D]k[D9]
And I have no religion
And I don't know what's what
And I don't know the limit
The limit of what we got
Zooropa... don't worry baby. It'll be alright
Zooropa... you got the right shoes
Zooropa... to get you through the night
Zooropa... it's cold outside, but brightly lit
Zooropa... skip the subway
Zooropa... let's go to the [Em]overground
C D(riff2)
Get your head out of the mud baby
Em C D(riff2)
Put flowers in the mud baby
No particular place names
No particular song
I've been hiding
What am I hiding from?
Zooropa... don't worry baby. It's gonna be alright
Zooropa... uncertainty... can be a guiding light
Zooropa... I hear voices, ridiculous voices
Zooropa... in the slipstream
Zooropa... let's go, let's go... overground
Zooropa... take your head out of the mud baby
(She's gonna d[Em]ream up the world she wants to l[C]ive in
She's gonna dream out loud)
Chord formations

D xx0232 C x32010
D4 xx0233 Am x02210
D9 xx0030 Em 022000
C[C]atching your bright blue e[G]yes
In the f[Am]reeze fram[F]e
I[C]'ve seen them so many time[G]s
I feel like [Am]I must be your b[F]est friend
You're looking f[C]ine, so [G]fine, oh[Bb] my,
Dressed up like a l[F]ovely day
B[C]abyface, B[Bb]abyface, s[Am]low down child, let me [F]untie your lace
B[C]abyface, B[Bb]abyface, c[Am]over girl with n[F]atural grace
How could b[Dm]eauty be so k[G]ind to an [Dm]ordinary [G]guy?
Coming home late at night to turn you on
Checking out every frame I got slow motion on my side
Turning around and around with the sound and colour
Under my control
Round and around, going down, dressed up like a lovely day
Babyface, Babyface tin foil hair all tied up in lace
Babyface, Babyface bitter sweet girl won't you give me a taste
How could beauty be so kind to an ordinary guy?
Do do do... etc.
Babyface, Babyface, slow down child, let me untie your lace
Babyface, Babyface, open that door let me unpack my case
Babyface, Babyface you're everywhere child
You're all over the place
Babyface, Babyface, you're coming to me from outerspace
Hou could beauty be so kind to an ordinary guy?
Note: this song is actually in its original tone.
(no need to use capo on 1st)
D[G]on't move, don't talk out of time, don't think,
Don't worry everything's just fine,[C] just fine
D[G]on't grab, don't clutch, don't hope for too much
Don't breathe, don't achieve, don't grieve without[C] leave
D[Em]on't check just balance on the fence
Don't answer, don't ask, don't try and make sense[C]
Don't whisper, don't talk, don't run if you can walk
Don't cheat, compete, don't miss the one beat
Don't travel by train, don't eat, don't spill
Don't piss in the drain, don't make a will
Don't fill out any forms, don't compensate
Don't cower, don't crawl, don't come around late
Don't hover at the gate
D[Em]on't take it on board
Don't fall on your sword
C (FAT LADY - Backing Vocal)
Just play another chord G
If you feel you're getting bored I feel numb
                                        I feel n[C]umb
G Too much is not enough
Don't change your brand Gimme some more
Don't listen to the band Gimme some more
Don't gape Of that stuff love
Don't ape Too much is not enough
Don't change your sh[C]ape, have another grape
(Keyboard solo: D-C-D-C-Em-C)
Don't plead Too much is not enough
Don't bridle I feel numb
Don't shackle I feel numb
Don't grind Gimme what you got
Don't curve Gimme what I don't get
Don't swerve Gimme what you got
Don't lie, die, serve Too much is not enough
I feel numb
Don't theorize, realise, polarise,
Chance, dance, dismiss, apologise
I feel numb
Don't spy Gimme some more
Don't lie Gimme some more
Don't try Of that stuff love
Imply Gimme some more
Detain Too much is not enough
Start again I feel numb
Don't triumph, don't coax, don't cling, don't hoax
Don't freak, peak, don't leak, don't speak
I feel numb
Don't project I feel numb
Don't connect, protect, don't expect
I feel numb
Don't project, don't connect
Protect, don't expect, suggest
I feel numb
Don't struggle I feel numb
Don't jerk, don't collar, don't work
Don't wish, don't fish, don't teach, don't reach
I feel numb
Don't borrow, don't break, don't fence
Don't steal, don't pass, don't press
Don't try, don't feel
I feel numb
Don't touch, don't dive, don't suffer
Don't rhyme, don't fantasize, don't rise
Don't lie
I feel numb
Don't project, don't connect
Protect, don't expect, suggest
I feel numb
Don't project, don't connect
Protect, don't expect, suggest I feel numb
Intro: Dm Bb Gm
L[Dm]emon, s[Bb]ee through in the sunligh[Gm]t
She wore le[Dm]mon, n[Bb]ever in the dayligh[Gm]t
She's gonna make you cry[Dm]
She's gonna ma[Bb]ke you whisper and[Gm] moan
But when you're [Dm]dry, [Bb]she draws w[Gm]ater from a stone
I[C] feel like I'm sl[Gm]owly, slowly, [Bb]slowly slipping under
I[C] feel like I'm ho[Gm]lding onto not[Bb]hing
She wore lemon to colour in the cold grey night
She had heaven and she held on so tight
A man makes a picture, a moving picture
Through light projected he can see himself up close
A man captures colour, a man likes to stare
He turns his money into light to look for her
And I feel like I'm drifting, drifting, drifting from the shore
And I feel like I'm swimming out to her
M[F]idnight[C] is where the da[Bb]y begins (x3)
Lemon, see through in the sunlight
A man builds a city with banks and cathedrals
A man melts the sand so he can
See the world outside You're gonna meet her there
A man makes a car She's your destination
And builds roads to run (them) on You gotta get to her
A man dreams of leaving She's imagination
But he always stays behind
And these are the days when our work has come assunder
And these are the days when we look for something other
Midnight is where the day begins
Midnight is where the day begins
Midnight is where the day begins
A man makes a picture, a moving picture
Through light projected
He can see himself up close Gotta meet her there
A man captures colour She's your destination
A man likes to stare There's no sleeping there
He turns his money into light She's imagination
To look for her
She is the dreamer
She's imagination
Through the light projected
He can see himself up close
The chord which I have labeled 'D*' is basically a D chord
with a nice picking pattern which I try to get close to by
playing D7+ and plain D, as follows:
        E --x-x--x-x--2-----x-x--x-x--2---
        B --2-3--2-3--3-----2-3--2-3--3---
        G --2-2--2-2--2-----2-2--2-2--2---
        D ---h----h----------h----h-------
        A --------------------------------
        E --------------------------------

D* Em
Green light, Seven Eleven
G D*
You stop in for a pack of cigarettes
You don't smoke, don't even w[Em]ant to
G D*
Hey now, check your change
Dressed up like a c[Em]ar crash
G D*
The wheels are turning but you're upside down
Em D*
You say when he hits you, you don't mind
Em D*
Because when he hurts you, you feel alive
Em G D*
Is that what it is?
Red lights, grey morning
You stumble out of a hole in the ground
A vampire or a victim
It depend's on who's around
You used to stay in to watch the adverts
You could lip synch to the talk shows
A[Em]nd if you look, you look through[F#m] me
And when you talk it's not t[G]o me
And when I touch you, you don't f[A]eel a thing
G Em D*
If I could stay... then the night would give you up
G Em D*
Stay, and the day would keep its trust
G Em D*
Stay, and the night would be enough
Faraway, so close
Up with the static and the radio
With satelite television
You can go anywhere
Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and Berlin
And if you listen I can't call
And if you jump, you just might fall
And if you shout I'll only hear you
G Em D*
If I could stay... then the night would give you up
G Em D*
Stay, and the day would keep its trust
S[G]tay with the de[F#m]mons you drowned
S[G]tay with the sp[A]irit I found
G Em D*
Stay and the night would be enough
Three o'clock in the morning
It's quiet and there's no one around
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel runs to ground
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel hits the ground
Bass line:      D-----4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5----

(chord D) (chord G)
First play the bass line vary softly, then gradually you can
start playing the chords right away.
I [D]have a lover[G], a [D]lover like no other[G]
She got [D]soul, soul, soul, sweet s[G]oul
And she [D]teach me how to sing[G]
Sh[Bm]ows me colours when there's no[G]ne to see
Gi[Bm]ves me hope when I c[G]an't believe that
For the f[D]irst time[G] I feel l[D]ove
I have a brother, when I'm a brother in need
I spend my whole time running
He spends his running after me
When I feel myself goin' down
I just call and he comes around
But for the first time I feel love
My father is a rich man, he wears a rich man's cloak
Gave me the keys to his kingdom (coming)
Gave me a cup of gold
He said "I have many mansions, and there are many rooms to see"
But I left by the back door
And I threw away the key...
For the first time
For the first time
For the first time
I feel love
Here's the main riff first. I think the guitar is tuned down
1/2 step. The little fills in parenthesis are played only when
[D]      [A]            [C]      [G]                                                                                                                               
 (fill 1)---------I[fill 2]--------I

Intro: Main riff fades in. Synth plays a long sustained
A note on top.
Verse 1 (w/main riff):
[D]I don't know [A]you [C]  .[G]..and you don't know the [D]half of [A]it[C] [G]
[D] I had a[A] starring role[C]  .[G]..I was the bad guy who [D]walked out[A] [C] [G]
They say be [D]careful where you [A]aim[C] [G]
Because where you aim you [D]just might [A]hit[C] [G]
You can [D]hold onto [A]something so [C]tight[G]
You've already [D]lost it[A] [C] [G]
[D]Dragging me [A]down   [C]    [G]That's not the way it
[D](w/fill [A]1)[C] [G]
used to be
[D]You can't [A]even remember[C] [G]
          [D](w/fills 1&2)[A] [C] [G]
What I'm trying to forget
(main riff twice w/distorted guitar chords+effects and fills 1&2)
Chorus (w/main riff):
[D]   [A]  It was a [C]dirty [G]day
[D]   [A]         A [C]dirty [G]day
(the riff once)
Verse 2 (w/riff)
You want explanations... I don't even understand
If you need someone to blame... throw a rock in the air
and you'll hit someone guilty
[D]      From father to [A/E]son[A]
Bm D Gadd2 (?)
In one life has begun
A [Bm7]work that's never [A]done
Father to [D]son [A]     [C]    [G] (it won't last [D]kissin' [A]time) [C]  [G]
(2x w/riff)
([D]Love[A]..[C]. [G]  it won't last [D]kissin' [A]time)[C] [G]
Verse 3 (w/riff)
Get it right, there's no blood thicker than ink
Hear what I say, nothing's simple as you think
Wake up, some things you can't get around
I'm in you, more so when they put me in the ground
(main riff w/distorted guitar+effects & fills 1&2)
(repeat to the end)
(It was a dirty day
A dirty day
Hank says)
(repeat until fade)
I[F] went out walking through the streets paved with gold
L[Bb]ifted some stones, saw the skin and bones
Of a c[F]ity without a soul
I went out walking under an atomic sky
Where the [Bb]ground won't turn and the rain it burns
Like the t[F]ears when I said goodbye
Y[Dm]eah I went with [Bb]nothing
N[F]othing but the thought of [C]you
I went wandering[Dm-Bb-C-F]
I went drifting through the capitals of tin
Where men can't walk or freely talk
And sons turn their fathers in
I stopped outside a church house
where the citizens like to sit
They say they want the kingdom
But they don't want God in it
I went out riding
Down that ol' eight lane
I passed by a thousand signs
Looking for my own name
I went with nothing
But the thought you'd be there too
Looking for you
I went out there in search of experience
To taste and to touch and to feel as much
As a man can before he repents
I went out searching, lookin' for one good man
A spirit who would not bend or break
Who would sit at his father's right hand
I went out walking with a bible and a gun
The word of God lay heavy on my heart
I was sure I was the one
Now Jesus, don't you wait up
Jesus, I'll be home soon
Yeah I went out for the papers
Told her I'd be back by noon
Yeah I left with nothing
But the thought you'd be there too
Looking for you...
Yeah I left with nothing
Nothing but the thought of you...
I went wandering

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