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My cherie amour  Stevie Wonder

        La l[Gbmaj7]a la la la[Cbmaj7] la
        La la la la la[Dbmaj7] la
verse 1:
        [Ab7+5]My   Ch[Dbmaj7]erie Amour, [Gb7sus]lovely as a [Gb7]summer's[Cbmaj7] day[Ab7sus4] [Ab7]
        My [Dbmaj7]Cherie Amour, [Gb7sus]distant as the [Gb7]Milky[Cbmaj7] Way[Ab7sus4] [Ab7]
        My [Gbmaj7]Cherie Amour, [Ab13]pretty little one th[B13]at I adore
        Y[Bb7]ou're the only girl my [Eb9]heart beats for
        [Ab13]How I wish that you were[Dbmaj7] mine
verse 2:
Ab13-9 Dbmaj7... (Ab13-9: 4x4564)
In a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street
I've been near you, but you never notice me
My Cherie Amour, won't you tell me how could you ignore
That behind that little smile I wore
How I wish that you were mine
(repeat intro - with vocals both times)
(key change to D)
verse 3:
        [A7]Maybe [Dmaj7]someday  you'll[G7sus4] see my face [G7]among the [Cmaj7]crowd[A7sus4] [A7]
        Maybe [Dmaj7]someday  I'll[G7sus4] share your little d[G7]istant [Cmaj7]cloud[A7sus4] [A7]
        Oh, C[Gmaj7]herie Amour, p[A13]retty little one that I[C13] adore
        Y[B9]ou're the only girl my h[E9]eart beats for
        [A13]How I wish that you were[Dmaj7] mine
(repeat intro - in D - to fade:)
        La la[Gmaj7] la la la[Cmaj7] la
        La la la la la[Dmaj7] la