Dharma for one

Jethro Tull

                             Dharma                    seek and you will find  
Truth within    your     mind    
 Dha         ma           
 Dharma                   each to his own we        seek
          Together we'll end    our       stream    
            Dhar, dhar, dharma   
                                        Truth is like freedom it doesn't believe
Being true to yourself never think that you're free
 Dharma will come eventually       
Interlude No Chords (Over assorted dhar, dhar, dharmas)
Dm C Dm C Dm F Eb C Dm C Dm C Dm F Eb C Repeat a couple of times
Organ and guitar solos
                                          Drum solo
Repeat chorus
submited by Don Bell

A Ab Bb C C5 D Dm Eb Em F G
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