Love will turn you around

Kenny Rogers

Date: 3/24/02; 8:43:50 PM
Title: Love Will Turn You Around Artist: Kenny Rogers Album: Six Pack Soundtrack Contributed by: Alex Buettiker
Love Will Turn You Around
Verse 1 (E) You can run , you can hide, never let it inside keep living your life in the dark, sooner or later that gentle persuader is gonna catch up with your heart Make you a drea (D) mer (A), believ (D) er (A), believer in love (E)
Verse 2 (E) Right when a mans doing all that he planned and he thinks he's got just what he needs life will deliver a shock that will shiver him driving him down to his knees
make him start giv (D) ing (A) , liv (D) ing (A) , living again (E)
Chorus (E) Well it's your mind (C#m) that (B) tricks (A) you into leaving (B) everytime (E) (C#m) Love will (B) turn (A) you around, (B) turn you around (E) (E) It's your heart (C#m), that (B) talks (A) you into staying (B) where you are (E) (C#m) Love will (B) turn (A) you around, (B) turn you around (E)
Verse 3 (E) Out of the blue she reaches for you and you tell her you don't have the time so you move away fast, but you know it won't last cause you can't get her off of your mind Thoughts are burn (D) ing (A), turn (D) ing (A) , turning around (E)
Verse 4 (E) How do you know when to stay or to go and how do you know when it's real You don't need a sign to make up your mind You've got your heart at the wheel You want to start shar (D) ing (A), car(D) ing (A) caring again

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