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Somebody Knows You Now

Brad Paisley

   -----(capo 3rd fret)-----

Em - B7 - G - Asus2 - C - D - G

 You use to say, you wanted someone,
To know, you inside out,
  And as I look back on things,
 Congratulations baby,
 Somebody knows you now,

(verse 2)
 All of this time, you told me you wished,
That you could figure yourself out,
  You say you're still a mystery,
 And no not really not to me,
Am7           D         G - C-C/B -Am7- G/F# -C -C/B

Yea somebody knows you now,

I gotta hundred bucks that says,
Righ now your hairs up in a clip,
Your socks don't quit match,
And you're bitin your lip,
I can finnish your thoughts,
Oh pick the right resturants,
Even order for you 'for you sit down,
    Yea somebody knows you now,

(lead chords -
     Em - B7 - G - Asus2 - C - D - G - C - Am7 - D - G)

(verse 3)
 So no matter where, your life's path leads,
Remember me some how,
 Feel a little warm inside,
 Kmowin that somewhere tonight,
 Somebody knows you now,
 Well baby all your mystery,
 Like you and me's history,
 Cause somebody knows you know                    

Am7 Asus2 B7 C C/B Cm D Dm Em F G
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