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Sounds Like Life To Me   Darryl Worley

Intro.:  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (G)  |

Got a (D)call last night from an old friend's wife, said, "I hate to bother you
But (D)Johnny Ray fell off the wagon, he'd been gone all afternoon"
Well, (G)I know my buddy, so I drove to Scully's and found him at the bar
Said, "Hey (A)Man, what's goin' on" He said, "I don't know where to start"

(D) "Sarah's old car startin' to fall apart and the washer quit last week
We (D)had to put Mama in the nursing home and the baby's cuttin' teeth
(G)I didn't get much work this week and I got bills to pay"
I said, "I (A)know this ain't what you wanna hear but it's what I'm gonna say"

Sounds (D)like life to me, it ain't no (G)fantasy
It's just a (A)common case of every-(G)day reality (D)
Man, I (D)know it's tough but you gotta (G)suck it up
To (Bm)hear you (A)talk, you're (G)caught up (F#m)in some (Em)tragedy (Bm) (Em) (Em) | (A)
It sounds like life to (D)me  | (G)

Well, his (D)face turned red and he shook his head, he said, "You don't understand
(D)Three kids and a wife depend on me, and I'm just one man
(G)Top it off we just found out that Sarahs two months late"
I said, (A)"Hey, bartender, set us up a round, we need to celebrate"

Sounds like (D)life to me, ain't no (G)destiny
Yeah, the (A)only thing for certain is (G)un-(D)certainty
You gotta (D)hold on tight, just en-(G)joy the ride
Get (Bm)used to (A)all this (G)unpre-(F#m)dicta-(Em)bility (Bm) (Em) (Em) | (A)
Sounds like (D)life

Inst.:  --- | (G)  | (A)  | (D)  |

Man, I (D)know it's tough but you gotta (G)suck it up
To (Bm)hear you (A)talk, you're (G)caught up (F#m)in some (Em)tragedy (Bm) (A) (Em) | (A)
It sounds like (D)life to me  (G)  (D) (sounds like life to me)  (G)
Sounds like (D)life  (G)   (D) (sounds like life to me) (Bm)  (Em) | (F#m)   | (G) 
Sounds (A)life to me  (Bm)
Sounds (F#m)like life  (G)   (A)   (Bm)  (G) … fade

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