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Wearing White-crd   Martina McBride

Subject: Wearing White -- Martina McBride

Wearing White ö Martina McBride


D                                     Bm                                 ÊÊÊG                           A                Ê& nbsp; D          G  A

Phones were ringing, tongues were wagging, hot gossip was flying All around town
 D                                ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊBm                         G                             AÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ&n bsp;        D         G  A
She heard the talk, the lowdown was the shameless color of Her wedding gown

D                 ÊG                   A                               D   ÊÊG         ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊA                                D
It's white I mean really who's she trying to kid? Everybody knows the things she did

Bm                D       Bm                     DÊÊÊÊÊÊG                 A     ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊD

It just isn't right, won't that be a sight, to see her wearing white

D                        Bm                            G                      ÊA             ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊD      ÊÊG  A

She was wild, a wayward child to put it mildly She made her life a mess
 D                                       Bm                     ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊGÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ&n bsp;   ÊÊÊÊA                 D          G  A
But she was young, the past is done now she's in love And putting on a new dress
D               ÊÊG                         ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊA                            ÊÊD   ÊÊÊÊÊG                  ÊA ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊD
It's white. And it's nobody's business what she wears anyway the truth is she don't care
 Bm                 D     ÊÊÊBm                     ÊÊÊÊD     ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊGÊÊ&nb sp;            A ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊD

Baby it's her life. She'll do what she likes And she likes wearing white
D                                   ÊBm                    G                               A                 D          G  A
He's all nerves when he sees her as far as he's concerned she's an angel
D             G                     ÊA                          ÊÊD   ÊÊÊG            ÊÊ&nb sp;    A               D

In white He just can't believe that she is his what a crazy miracle this is

Bm                                    D        Bm                                   ÊÊÊD       G      ÊÊÊÊÊA       ÊÊÊÊÊD
Who she was he don't mind, Cause on their wedding night, She'll be wearing white
       She'll be wearing white

        She'll be wearing white

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