Sacking In A Small Town

Mike Graham

 Lights are bright onFriday night
 Fall in small Texastowns
 People train likemoths to flame
 And there ain’t nobodyaround
 Even the cops disregard theshops
 And banks to hear theband
 Play the alma mater for thesheriff’s daughter
 Emqueen of tbe bometownA
Cause she’s thefans.

 I’d seen it all whenI was small
 And I set it in mymind
 If I grew up andthings tough
I’drob this small townblind.

Yeah I’msackin asmall town
Like ablindsideblitz
 When they ain’tlooking’s when I’m
 Gonna make myhit.
It’ll bepaydayFriday
I’mgonna take itall
 Sackin asmall town
 Man Ihate football.

Sure enough, I grew up
And things were less than swell
I made some plans with Uncle Sam
And he taught me real well
How to drive a truck and blow stuff up
Until he let me go
For raising heck and bouncing checks
At a county line liquor store.

And there ain’t no work for a washed out jerk
With a mark against his name.
So I made new plans when I seen them stands
Where they play that damned old game.


Well the time was right that Friday night
It was a small town rivalry
There was no doubt they’d all turn out
Yeah I knew right where they’d be
The lights went down on that little town
And I parked at the bank and trust
The home team scored..I blew the door
Then I packed my truck.

They couldn’t hear for the band and the cheers
They were smellin a victory
Hell it’s all the same whoever won that game
It was a big time score for me.

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