a pirate looks at forty

Jimmy Buffett

Date: 7/17/97; 11:29:28 PM
A Pirate Looks at Forty By: Jimmy Buffett
G Mother, mother ocean
I have heard you call
C D I wanted to sail upon your waters
Am7 G since I was three feet tall
Am D You've seen it all
Am7 G You've seen it all
I watched the men who rode you Switch from sails to steam And in your belly you hold the treasure That few have ever seen Most of them dreams Most of them dreams
Yes, I am a pirate
Two hundred years too late The cannons don't thunder There's nothin' to plunder I'm an over forty victim of fate Arriving too late Arriving too late
I've done a bit of smugglin' I've run my share of grass I made enough money to buy Miami But I pissed it away so fast Never meant to last Never meant to last
I have been drunk now For over two weeks, I passed out and I rallied And I sprung a few leaks, But I've got stop wishin' Got to go fishin' I'm down to rock bottom again Just a few friends Just a few friends
I go for younger women Lived with several awhile And though I ran away They'll come back one day And I still can manage a smile It just takes a while Just takes a while
Mother, mother ocean After all these years I've found My occupational hazard being My occupation's just not around I feel like I've drowned Gonna head uptown

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Guitarpix (report video to admin):
Quick sample of a basic strumming pattern that can be used for this song...
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Guitarpix (report comment to admin):
Guitarpix (delete):

G: dduudu x4
C: dduudu x3
G: dduudu x1
Am: dduudu x1
Bm: dd
Am: dduudu x1
G: dduudu
Fill in between verses with same pattern on G.
DrKewel (report comment to admin):
More helpful than the chords used in the song which are evident in the tabs, an idea of the melody of the tune would be much more helpful.
dops (report comment to admin):
i dont think it is Bminor it might be D
kentucky-cat (report comment to admin):
Just play the Bm as the same shape as the Am. Just slide the Am up 2 frets and it sound good. 
Buck127 (report comment to admin):
G C Am D and back to G.... no bmin doesn't sound right 
jsavellijr (report comment to admin):
sounds good either way to me. I slide the am to bm as in embellishment
surfchik (report comment to admin):
jack is second to none after jimmy!!
eddie t (report comment to admin):
play it in drop d    after the g chord   play f#m Em        eddie