i find jesus

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

  I walk in si -- lence__ when it comes___ this feelin'

when the  spi -- rit leads me  on__. And if the dogs are

bark__in' and the night is rough___, I  take it as a

  sign___ and climb  above___. The city to a

  hill__, among the clouds___ where  I can  see___

my Savior  now___. He's waitin' with His  palm__

to me outstretched. His mercy is a  balm___

when  I'm  preplexed.


  I find  Je --- sus in the darkest  night___

  I find  Je --- sus in the mornin'  light___

I find  Je --- sus in the face of  those___

whose  hearts are  sin - gin' with the  Heavenly  Host.


  Sometimes when I___ feel all alone___

 look  a-round___ and all are  gone___

Friends that I___ re - ly upon_ are  busy  doin'___

what they  want___. I look within___ and I am

told _____It's Sunday  morn - ing__ in my  soul___.

And there I  find___ a Holy  Hall___

where congrega - tions  heed the  call___.

(Repeat Chorus)

   And when I lay___ down my last time___ and feel
 chill___ run up my  spine___ and rec - og - nize
my time has come___ I  look  around___
He'll lead me  home___. He'll reach His  lovin'___
hand to me and  bid me  climb___ to victory___
where we'll find  kin - dred spirits  there___
hearts raised in  song___ without a  care___

Repeat Chorus:

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