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if the south woulda won

Hank Williams

  If the south woulds won we'd a had it made
 I'd probly run for presidend of the southern  state
 The day Elvis passed away would be our  national holiday
  If the  South would a won  we'd had a it  made
I'd made my supreme court down in texas
 Would'nt have no killers get off  free
  They were proven guilty then  they would swing quickly
 In stead of writin books and  smilin on T. V.
We'd all learn cajum cookin in Louisiana and I'd put that capitol back in
We'd put  Florida on the right track cause We'd  take miami back
and throw all them  pushers in the  slammers
I'd have all the whiskey made in Tennessee and all the horses raised in thse
Kentucky  hills the nations treasury would be in  Tupelo Mississippi
and I'd put Hank Williams picture on  one hundred dollar  bills
I'd have all cars made in the carolina's and I'd ban all the ones made in
I'd have  every girl child sent to Georgia to lean to smile and talk
with that southern  accent it drives me  wild  
I'd have all the fiddles made in Virginia cause they sure can make'em sound
so  fine
I'm goin  up on Wolverton mountain and  see ol Clinton Powers and have
a sip of his  good ol Arkansas  wine
If the south woulda won we'd had it made
I'd probbly run for president of the southern  state
When  Patsy Cline passed away thatwould  be our mationsal  holiday
If the  south woulda won  we'd a had it  made

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