Dueling Banjos


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Duelling Banjos The rolls
This is an attempt to make banjo style rolls on the guitar. Play finger style or with pick n fingers.
Here s the three first rolls, the ones the banjo answers with.
G e-------------------------------------------------- B-------------------0-------------0---------------- G---------0----------------7----------------------- D----------------7-----10-----10------------------- A------10---10------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------
C e----------------------0-----------------0--------- B-------------------------------8------------------ G------------------7-------10-------10------------- D------10--10-10----------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------

D e-------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------0---------0------------- D-----0-----0----------4--------7---------4-------- A--------5--------7-------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------
This is the roll just before they go into warp speed.
e-------------------------------------------------- B----0----------0----------0----------------------- G------------7------5----------0------------------ D--------10-------------7------------7------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------
Here's a roll for the last lick before warp speed.
e-------------------------------------------------- B----------------0-------0-----0---------------0--- G---------0----------------------------0----------- D------------7--------------7--------------7-----7- A----10--------------10------------10-------------- E--------------------------------------------------
You can use the these rolls in the breaks. I use pick and finger to play this style, it lets me switch between rolls and flatpicki'n. I'll try to make "Guitar banjo rolls" suggestions for the whole thing. Mail me if you got any qestions. I'll post the rest as soon ill get to tab it.
Good luck!
Anders Email . ssbpany@sths.posten.se

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