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Froggie Went A Courtin-crd


Subject: Froggie Went A - Courtin
Froggie Went A - Courtin Traditional Folk Song, Author - Unknown
Ever time I see this song, the words are different, but here's one version.
D Froggie went a - courtin and he did ride, a - huh. D A7 Froggie went a - courtin and he did ride, a - huh. D Froggie went a - courtin and he did ride, G D A7 D Sword and pistol by his side, a -huh, a - huh, fare the well.
(Same format) Well he rode down to Miss Mouse's door Where he had often been before
He took Miss Mousie on his knee Said “Miss Mousie will you marry me”
I'll have to ask my Uncle Rat See what he will say to that
Well, Uncle Rat laughed and shook his fat sides
To think his niece would be a bride
Well, Uncle Rat rode off to town To buy his niece a wedding gown
Where will the wedding supper be Way down yonder in a hollow tree
What will the wedding supper be A fried misquito and a roasted flea
First to come in were to little ants Fixing around to have a dance
Next to come in was a bumble bee Bouncing a fiddle on his knee
Next to come in was a fat sassy lad Thinks himself as big as his dad
Thinks himself a man indeed Because he chews the tobacco weed
And next to come in was a big tomcat He swallowed the frog and the mouse and the rat
submitted by bevans@austin.cc.tx.us

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