Turn The Page2

Waylon Jennings

I've made some corrections, and has made the changes withÊlarge letters. This is a great song. Ê /************** TURN THE PAGE ***************/
by Waylon Jennings
Ê Em/ Em/ÊÊÊÊÊ On a long and lonesome highway,east of OMAHA D/ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ D/ You can listen to the engine moaning out it's one note song A/ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A/ÊÊ Ê Em And you think about the MORNING or the girl the night before
Verse 2: Ê Em/ ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Em/ But your thoughts will soon be wondering the ways they always do ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ D/ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ D/ When you're ridin' sixteen hours and there's nothin' much to do ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A/ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A/ ÊÊÊ Em And you don't feel much like ridin'Ê you just wish the trip was true
Chorus: D ÊÊÊÊ Em Here I am on the road again, ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ D ÊÊÊÊ Em There I am one more stage DÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ AÊ Here I go,playin' star again D ÊÊÊÊ Em there I go turn the page
Verse 3: ÊÊÊ Em Well you're walkin' to a restaurant strung out from the cold ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ DÊÊ
And you feel the eyes upon you as you're chakin' off the coat ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ A ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ ÊÊÊÊÊ Em You pretend it doesn't bother you WHAT YOU JUST GOING TO EXPLORE
Verse4: ÊÊÊÊ Em Most times you can T hear them talkin',OF THE TIMES YOU CAN D It's the same old CLICHE is THAT a woman or a man Ê A Em and you always SEEMS OUTNUMBERED so you don't dare MAKE A STAND
Verse 5: Ê Em OUT there in the spot lights you're a million miles away D Every OUNSE of energy you try to give away Ê A ÊÊÊÊ Em as the SWEAT POURS from your body like the music that you play
Verse 6: Em/ Later in the evening as you lie awake IN bed D/ Echoes from the AFTERFIRE S ringing in your head ÊÊ A/ Em And you smoke the day's last cigarette remembering what SHE said
Chorus 2 times. Here is one of my favorite Waylon's songs.Sorry for all the mystakes.... Write me if you want to perret@diva.univ-mlv.fr
Song of the Eagle

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