A Few Old Favorites

Russell Lawson

 The world is hard, it's full of sin, we get no pleasure giving in
Amid the pain and uncertainty, there are few bright lights that we can see
You put your back into the task, do your best when you get asked
And when you ache, your legs are weak, let up a second, you're in the street

When the working day is over and you're tired of the race
And you might just run for cover, there's a special hiding place
Just grab yourself a cold one, I'll pick up this old guitar
We'll sing a few old favorites while the heaven fills with stars

You think no one could even care 'cause you're nailed to the cross you bear
Over the hill, long past your prime, there is no mountain you care to climb
Just getting by takes all you've got, you push through trouble, by then you're shot
Don't let the devil get down on you, you know exactly what to do


The difference is the way you feel when you connect with the stuff that's real
'cause getting down is just a curse, you take that first step, it just gets worse
so grab the rope, accept a hand, you've got a friend who'll help you stand
So come one in, kick back awhile. Give up your burdens for a smile.


B7 C D D7 Em G
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