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      Home > B > Bat for Lashes > Good Love

      Good Love Songtext
      von Bat for Lashes

      • Album

        • Two Suns

        • Bat for Lashes - Good Love Songtext und Lyrics auf

          Bild von

          Good Love Songtext

          • Good Love deutsche Übersetzung
            Lade Songtext
            In the night time we are found
            Misty sorrow swoop unbound
            Whisper you mean it, say you'll stay
            Hold my heart till brighter days

            Now I am searching how to get alone
            This queen of heart's dancing on her throne
            But I need sorrow, baby, life's sorrow is the drug
            So will I ever find that place they call good love?

            Good love
            Passed it last night in a dream
            Good love
            And my heart caught fire

            I drove past true love once, in a dream
            Like a house that caught fire, it burned and flamed
            Then the magician disappeared as quickly as he came
            And with a sound like white magic caught in a black car's blazing trail

            The house set fire to my heart
            Like an inferno we shone rays
            I swallowed the sun in your form

            I woke up and you were crying
            I woke up and you were saying

            Good love
            Passed it last night in a dream
            Good love
            Cause my heart caught fire

            Good love
            Passed it last night in a dream
            Good love
            Cause my heart caught fire
            • Zur deutschen Übersetzung von Good Love

              Writer(s): Natasha Khan

              Copyright: Chrysalis Music Ltd.
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                • Good Love deutsche Übersetzung

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