Armenia City In The Sky


   If you're troubled and you can't relax
Close your eyes and think on this
If the rumors floating in your head all turn to facts
Close your eyes and think on this
 Armenia, city in the sky
 Armenia, city in the sky 
|C5 |C5 |C5 |C5 |
|Db5 |Db5 |Eb5 |Eb5 |Ab5 |Ab5 |
If you ever want to lose some time
Just take off, there's no risk
If you ever want to disappear
Just take off and think of this
(repeat chorus)
 The sky is glass, the sea is brown
And everyone is upside down
|Bb5 |Bb5 |Bb5 |Bb5 |Ab5 |Ab5 |
|Ab5 |Ab5 |Bb5 |Bb5 |Bb5 |Bb5 |
|C#5 |C#5 |Eb5 |Eb5 |
(repeat chorus)
Freak out, freak out

Ab Ab5 Bb C#5 C5 Db5 E5 Eb5 F#5
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