Fortune Teller


Fortune Teller As recorded by The Who, 1968 >Appears on 30 Years of Maximum R&B box set Written by Naomi Neville ©EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. (Allen Toussaint)
============== transcribed by Whotabs 08-14-1999 ==============
||:D C |A D/A A :|| ||---------|-------------|| ||---3---1-|----3-3--2---|| ||.-2-2-0-0|2---2-2--2--.|| ||.0-------|2---4-4--2--.|| ||-----3---|0---0-0--0---|| ||---------|-------------||
|D C |A D/A A | Went to the fortune teller |D C |A D/A A | And had my fortune read |D C |A D/A I didn't know what to tell her |--------------- |--------/5-5--- |2-------------- |2-------/5-5--- |0-------------- |---------------
A |D C |A D/A A | I had a dizzy feeling in my head -------|-------------------|---------------| --5---/|7------------\5----|2-----/5----2--| -------|-------------------|---------------| --5---/|7------------\5----|2-----/4----2--| --0----|-------------------|0--------------| -------|-------------------|---------------|
|D C |A D/A She said she'd take a look at my palm |----------------------------|---------------| |----------------------------|---------------| |----------------------------|---------------| |----------------------------|---------------| |/5---------------/3-------3^|0----0-3^-0-3^-| |----------------------------|---------------|
A |D C |A D/A She said, "Son, do you feel kind of warm?" |------------------------|---------------| |------------------------|-----------3-2-| |------------------------|2--------2-----| |------------------------|2------2-------| |/5---------/3-----------|0--------------| |------------------------|---------------|
A |D C |A Then she looked into her crystal ball D/A D/A|D7 | | And said, "You're in love."
|D C |A D/A A |D C |A D/A A | Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh
|--------|---------|----------------|--------------------| |--------|---------|----------------|--------------------| |--------|---------|----------------|--------------------| |--------|---------|----------------|--------------------| |/5---3--|--------3|-5-5--3-3h5p3---|-------3^---3^---3^-| |--------|/5-3--5--|5-5----5-----5/3|/5---5----5----5----|
|D C |A D C |A I said, "it could not be so, Not with all the girls I know." -|----------------------|----------|----------------------|--------- -|----------------------|----------|----------------------|--------- -|----------------------|----------|----------------------|--------- -|----------------------|----------|----------------------|--------- -|/5-------------/3-----|----------|/5-------------/3-----|--------- -|----------------------|/5---3--5-|----------------------|/5---3--5
|D C |A |D C |A She said when the next one arrives, you'll be looking into her eyes ---|------------------------|----------------|----------------|-------| ---|------------------------|----------------|----------------|-------| ---|------------------------|----------------|----------------|-------| ---|------------------------|----------------|----------------|-------| 3--|/5-----------/3---------|--------------3-|/5----5---3-----|-------| ---|------------------------|/5---3---5------|----------------|/5-3-5-|
|D C |A G Fsus4| | Fsus4|G | |
|D C |A |D C |A | |A |
[double time] ||E D |B A B ||:E D |B A B :|| ||--------|--------||---0---2-|---------|| ||--------|--------||---0-3-3-|---------|| ||9-9-5-5-|4-4-2-4-||.1-1-2-2-|4-4-2-4-.|| ||9-9-5-5-|4-4-2-4-||.2-2-0---|4-4-2-4-.|| ||7-7-7-7-|2-2-0-2-||-2-------|2-2-0-2--|| ||--------|--------||---------|---------||
|E E D D|B A I left there in a hurry B |E E D D |B A B| Lookin' forward to my big surprise |E E D D |B B A The next day I discovered B |E E D D |B A B| That the fortune teller told me lies
I hurried back down to that woman As mad as I could be I told her I didn't see nobody And that she made a fool out of me
|E D |B B A B Then something struck me |E D |B A B| As if it came from up above |E D |B While lookin' at the fortune teller A B |D5 | I fell in love
|E D |B A G5| | G5|A | |E

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pless01 (report comment to admin):
Last verse of the Merseybeats and Hollies-Version:

Now I'm a happy fella
I'm married to the fortune teller
We're happy as we can be
And now I get my fortune told for free