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Go To The Mirror!   Who



  |E5             B5         |E5    E  B5  A5

He seems to be completely unreceptive

   |E5               B5              |E5  E    B5 A5

The tests I gave him show no sense at all

   |Ab7                             |C#m       B B

His eyes react to light, the dials detect it

  |A*                             |B7sus4  |B5     |

He hears but cannot answer to your call



| Ebmaj7   | Fsus4  F   | Fsus4  F   | G       |

  See me     Feel me      Touch me     Heal me




| Ebmaj7   | Fsus4  F   | Fsus4  F   |

  See me     Feel me      Touch me



|Emsus4          |E              | B7sus4        | B               |

 heal me                                                      (There)




     |E5                 B5       |E5       B5 A5   |

There is no chance, no untried operation

E5                 B5               |E5     B5 A5

All hope lies with him and none with me

|Ab7                              |C#m        B B

Imagine, though, the shock from isolation

       |A                              |B7sus4   |B5      |

When he suddenly can hear and speak and see

[Repeat BRIDGE] 

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

See me, feel me, touch me,

|Em   Emadd9 |E              | B7sus4           | B                   |

 heal me




His eyes can see, his ears can hear, his lips speak

All the time the needles flick and rock

No machine can give the kind of stimulation

Needed to remove his inner block

[CBORUS]                                      x2

||:B5                     |                  :||

|| Go to the mirror, boy!                     ||



||[bass]                  |                   ||




I often wonder what he is feeling.

Has he ever heard a word I've said?

Look at him in the mirror dreaming.

What is happening in his head?


            |A    B        |C

Listening to you, I get the music

         |A    B        |E

Gazing at you, I get the heat

         |A    B          |C

Following you, I climb the mountain

       |G        D      |B    |B7sus4

I get excitement at your feet.

            |A    B        |C

Right behind you, I see the millions

  |A    B        |E

On you, I see the glory

    |A    B     |C

From you, I get opinions

    |G    D        |Bsus4     |B

From you, I get the story

[Repeat main pattern] 

||: E5 E5 E5   B5 B5 A5 :||x4

|Ab7                        |C#m    B

    What is happening in his head?

|A                |Bsus4 |B7sus4 B5   |E

    Oooh, I wish I knew,      I wish I knew.


||:E5     B5   A5:|| E5



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