See Me Feel Me (Live)


See Me Feel Me By The Who >Live version, as included on Woodstock, Live at Leeds, etc. >Originally from Tommy, 1969 Written by Pete Townshend ©1969 Fabulous Music Ltd.
============== transcribed by Whotabs 09-03-1999 ==============
E/D xx(0)454 Ebmaj7 xx8786 and xx1333 D/E (0)x232 Fsus4 xxx566 and xx3311 B7sus4 x24455 F xxx565 and xx3211
Bsus4 7(t)x997x E5 022400 and 022xxx B 7(t)x987x A5 x022xx and x02255 B5 x244xx C5 x355xx G 3x0033 D (2t)x0232
|E/D |D/E |E/D |D/E |
|Ebmaj7 |Fsus4 F|Fsus4 F|G | See me, feel me, touch me, heal me See me, feel me, touch me, heal me See me, feel me, touch me, heal me
|Ebmaj7 |Fsus4 F|Fsus4 F | See me, feel me, touch me,
|Emsus4 |E |B7sus4 |B | heal me (Listening..) |---------------|---------------------|------5--5-|--------| |---------------|---------------------|------5--5-|--------| |---------------|---------------------|--4-4-4--4-|4-4-4-4-| |2--------------|---------------------|--4-4-4--4-|4-4-4-4-| |2-------2------|2-------2-----------0|2-2-2-2--2-|2-2-2-2-| |0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0|0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-2-4-|-----------|--------|
|A5 B5 |C5 Listening to you, I get the music |A5 B5 |E5 Gazing at you, I get the heat |A5 B5 |C5 Following you, I climb the mountain |G D |Bsus4 |B I get excitement at your feet
|A5 B5 |C5 Right behind you, I see the millions |A5 B5 |E5 On you, I see the glory
|A5 B5 |C5 From you, I get opinions |G D |Bsus4 |B From you, I get the story
[first solo] |A5 B5 |C5 |A5 B5 |E5 | |------------|------|------------|---------------------| |------------|------|------------|---------------------| |------------|------|------------|---------------------| |------------|------|2----4------|---------------------| |0----2--0h2-|3-----|0----2------|---------------------| |------------|------|--------0/0-|0----0/0/0--0/0/0--0-|
|A5 B5 |C5 |G D |Bsus4 |B | |-----------|----------|---------|-------------------|------| |-------4---|-5-5-5-5--|--10--7--|---7---------------|------| |-----------|----------|---------|-------8h9-8h9-8h9-|8-----| |2--2/4---4/|5-5-5-5-5/|10--\7---|/9-----------------|------| |0----------|----------|---------|-------------------|------| |-----------|----------|---------|-------------------|------|
[second solo] |A5 B5 |C5 |A5 B5 |E5 | |--12-----12-|---12-|12---12---12---|---------------------------| |-----15^----|15^---|--15^--15^--15^|12-15-12--12---------------| |------------|------|---------------|--------14---14-12-14-12---| |------------|------|---------------|------------------------12-| |0-----------|------|---------------|---------------------------| |------------|------|---------------|---------------------------|
|A5 B5 |C5 | G D |Bsus4 |B | |-----------|----------|-----------|--------|-------| |-----------|------5---|-----------|--------|-------| |-----------|----------|-----------|--------|-------| |-----------|--3/5-----|-------4-5-|/9~-----|~------| |0----2--0h2|3---------|--2-3-5----|--------|-------| |-----------|----------|/3---------|--------|-------|
[outro] x3 ||:E5 B5 A5 :||E ||--------------------------||-------- ||--------------------------||-------- ||.------------------4--2--.||-------- ||.--------2-----4-4-4--2--.||2------- ||-2-2-2-2-2-----2-2-2--0---||2------- ||-0-0-0-0-0----------------||0-------

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