Wichita lineman

Glen Campbell

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Wichita Lineman - Jimmy Webb
                                                                          I am a lineman for the county       and I drive the main road
                                    searchin' in the sun for another overload.
                                    I hear you singing in the wires,      I can hear you in the whine
                                           And the Wichita Lineman           is still on the line.
                                                                          I know I need a small vacation,      but it don't look like rain.
                                    And if it snows that southern load won't ever stand the strain.
                                    And I need you more than want you,       and I want you for all time.
                                            And the Wichita Lineman          is still on the line.

The automatic chord diagram below for Bb/C should be Bb chord with a C bass i.e barre 3rd fret across the 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd strings. Am7 is better voiced as a C chord with open A in the bass. Bb6 is better as simply 1st fret 5th string, open 4th, open 3rd and 3rd fret 2nd string, and a G on the first string if you want. (Moose on theLoose 20th Sep 2011)

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Am7 Bb/C Bb6 Bbmaj7 Cadd9 D Dm G G/B Gm7
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jazzmaster (report comment to admin):
That should be "I hear you singing in the wires...I can hear you on the lines"
jmanire (report comment to admin):
Kudos.  The Cadd9 brought the song together for me - other tabs missed this. Jim M