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Pure And Easy  Who


|| C G/C | F9/C G/C ||

There [C]once was a [G/C]note, [Fadd9/C]pure and [G/C]easy

P[G/C]laying so free like a breath, rippling by

Fmaj7                  Dm6[or Dm/F]
The note is eternal, I hear it, it sees me,
[Fmaj7]Forever we blend as, for[Dm6]ever we [C]die[G/C]     [Fadd9/C]         [G/C]      [C]  [G/C]     [Fadd9/C]         [G/C]

I [C]listened and I [Dm]heard [F]music in a [G]word,

and [C]words when you [Dm]played your gui[F]tar   [G]

The [Dm]noise that I was [Em]hearing was a [G]million people [Am]cheering

[G]And a child flew past me [C/G]riding in a [G7]star         [C/G]

As [Dsus4]people assemble, [D]civilization

Is [G]trying to find a [G7]new [C/G]way to [G]die   [G7]    [C/G]    [G]
But [Am]killing is really [Emsus4]merely scene [E]changer

[Am]All men are bored  [Dm/F]    with other men's [Am]lives   [Dm/F]      [Fmaj7/A]        [Am]

[repeat cborus] 

Gas on the hillside, oil in the teacup
Watch all the chords of life lose their joy
Distortion becomes somehow pure in its wildness
The note that began all can also destroy.

We [Am]all know suc[C/A]cess[Am7] when we [Dm/F]all find our own dream [G/A]
And our love is enough to knock down any wall
And the future's been seen as men try to realize
[Am]The simple [Am7/A]secret of the [Dm/F]note in [G/A]us all

[Am]       [C]       [F]     [G]                  

[verse from demo] 
[Today is the day when sound curdles mountains
Flowing and blowing each man it its wake
Destroying itself in the end with vibration
There's nothing on earth its challenge can take
Excepting one note]

There once was a note... listen
      [A]     [A]      [A/G]         [G]  [D/F#]                                                   



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