Touch Me Fall

Indigo Girls


 Eacb cbord is two beats; tbe tempo varies, tbougb.
 Em=075000 (in tbe verse); Em(9)=075070; G6=320000; D(9)=x00230.
    I'm waking from a dream   
    The neighborhood is green   
    All the sounds I've missed, all the years  
    Come down to wedding death and fear   
    And all I've heard has been in vain  
    Like water on a stain  
   Touch me, I'm so beautiful  
Rub your hands across my head just like this  
Come with me now, it's not worth it if you don't  
Are you hiding?  I am hiding  
Cypress moon, bald in June
Like the granite in a stream
Swamp Ophelia, I'm torn down
Let your waters let me drown
Touch me, I'm so beautiful
Rub your hands across my head just like this
Come with me, now it's not worth it if you don't
Are you crying? I am crying
  [string break; nosure about the chords]      
G    D - C      G    D - C  
 more strings
Jump, jump, jump so high, watch me let you down
 If I stumble, I will stumble; if I fall, I will fall
 Trying to hold it like rain in a river,  everything is getting bigger
 Better this won't last forever
 Touch me, fall;    touch me, fall 
n.c. n.c. n.c. n.c.
  rumental; chords are vague at best]       
 trails off witb distortion
Em   Em(9)   G6   D(9)      Em  
  [distorted electric guitar, drums, more distorted guitar, mumbling
"trying to hold it like rain in a river" over and over...]
Jump, jump, jump so high, watch me let you down
If I stumble, I will stumble; if I fall, I will fall
Trying to hold it like rain in a river, everything is getting bigger
Better this won't last forever
Touch me, fall


[This is by no means complete; it's just a guide to the rhythm. The
lines under the chord names show where a chord is strummed.]

E ------0-------0-|----------------|------0-------0-|------0---------|
B ----------0-----|--7---7---0-----|----------0-----|----------3-----|etc.
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .

- Adam Schneider,



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