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Changing Of The Guards  Bob Dylan

Sixteen [Fm]years,
Sixteen[Ab] banners u[Eb]nited over the [Fm]fields
While the [Db]good shepherd [Eb]grieves
Desperate [Fm]men, despe[Ab]rate women d[Eb]ivided,
Spreading their [Fm]wings 'neath the [Db]fal[Eb]ling [Ab]leaves.
Fortune [Fm]calls.
I steppe[Ab]d forth from the [Eb]shadows, to the market[Fm]place,
Merchants and [Db]thieves, hungry for [Eb]power, my last deal gone [Fm]down.
She's smelling[Ab] sweet like the [Eb]meadows where she was [Fm]born,
On midsummer's [Db]eve, [Eb]near the t[Ab]ower.

The cold-blooded [Fm]moon.
The captain [Ab]waits above the cele[Eb]bration
Sending his [Fm]thoughts to a [Db]beloved [Eb]maid
Whose ebony [Fm]face is beyond[Ab] communi[Eb]cation.
The captain is [Fm]down but still believing that his [Db]love will [Eb]be repai[Ab]d.

They shaved her [Fm]head.
She was torn between [Ab]Jupiter and Apol[Eb]lo.
A messenger [Fm]arrived with a [Db]black nightin[Eb]gale.
I seen her on the [Fm]stairs and I[Ab] couldn't help but [Eb]follow,
Follow her [Fm]down past the fountain where they [Db]lif[Eb]ted her [Ab]veil.

I stumbled to my feet.
I rode past [Ab]destruction in the [Eb]ditches
With the [Fm]stitches still mending 'neath a [Db]heart-shaped tat[Eb]too.
Renegade [Fm]priests and [Ab]treacherous young wit[Eb]ches
Were [Fm]handing out the flowers that I'd[Db] giv[Eb]en to [Ab]you.

The palace of [Fm]mirrors
Where dog [Ab]soldiers are re[Eb]flected,
The endless [Fm]road and the [Db]wailing of [Eb]chimes,
The empty [Fm]rooms where her [Ab]memory is pro[Eb]tected,
Where the [Fm]angels' voices whisper to the [Db]souls of [Eb]previous ti[Ab]mes.


She wakes him [Fm]up
Forty-eight hours [Ab]later, the sun is [Eb]breaking
Near broken [Fm]chains, mountain la[Db]urel and rolling [Eb]rocks.
She's begging to [Fm]know what meas[Ab]ures he now will be [Eb]taking
He's pulling her [Fm]down and she's clutching on to hi[Db]s long [Eb]golden l[Ab]ocks.

Gentlemen, he [Fm]said,
I don't [Ab]need your organi[Eb]zation, I've shined your [Fm]shoes,
I've moved your [Db]mountains and marked your [Eb]cards
But Eden is bur[Fm]ning, either get brav[Ab]e for elimi[Eb]nation
Or else your h[Fm]earts must have the courage for the [Db]changing [Eb]of the g[Ab]uards.

Peace will [Fm]come
With tran[Ab]quility and [Eb]splendor on the wheels of [Fm]fire
But will [Db]offer no re[Eb]ward when her false idols [Fm]fall
And [Ab]cruel death sur[Eb]renders with its [Fm]pale ghost retreating
Between the [Db]King and the [Eb]Queen of Swo[Ab]rds.

[Fm]Fm...  [Ab]    [Eb]
The "Interlude" (that the sax plays) is:

           [Ab]      [Eb]        [Db]           [Ab] 
E -6-8-9-8-8~----6-6~----4-4~--(repeat 3 times)---||-6p4-4---4~--||
B ------------------------------------------------||-------6-----||
G ------------------------------------------------||-------------||
D ------------------------------------------------||-------------||
A ------------------------------------------------||-------------||
E ------------------------------------------------||-------------||

One word of note: It is much easier to play this song with a capo on the
first fret (i.e. play Em G D Em C D... while the 1st fret is fretted). This
makes it more easier and does not make the guitar sound too choppy.




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