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Landlocked Blues  Bright Eyes

Capo on 3

If y[C]ou walk away, I'll walk [G]away                  [C]
First te[C]ll me which road you [G]will take                 [C]
I do[Am]n't want to risk[G] our paths crossing so[C]me day               [Am]
So yo[C]u walk that way, I'll walk thi[G]s way                     [C]

And the future[C] hangs over our hea[G]ds          [C]
And it move[C]s with each current event[G]            [C]
Unti[Am]l it falls all ar[G]ound like a cold ste[C]ady rain          [Am]
Just st[C]ay in when it's looking t[G]his way           [C]
And the moon's [C]laying low in the sk[G]y               [C]
Forcing every[C]thing metal to sh[G]ine         [C]
And the sidewa[Am]lk holds diamonds lik[G]e the jewelry store case  [C]                      [Am]
They argue [C]walk this way, now walk this way[G]                     [C]
And Laura[C]'s asleep in my [G]bed             [C]
As I'm leavin[C]g she wakes up and s[G]ays               [C]
"I drea[Am]med you were carried aw[G]ay on the crest of a wave     [C]             [Am]
Baby don[C]'t go away, come here"  [G]                 [C]
And there's kids p[C]laying guns in the st[G]reet            [C]
And ones pointi[C]ng his tree branch [G]at me                 [C]
So I put [Am]my hands up I say [G]"enough is eno[C]ugh,                     [Am]
If yo[C]u walk away, I'll walk [G]away"                   [C]
And he shot me dead

[Am]I found a li[G]quid cu[C]re
[Am]From my land[G]locked blues     [C]
It'll pa[F]ss awa[G]y like a slow par[C]ade     [Am]
It's le[C]aving but I don'[G]t know how soon        [C]

And the world[C]'s got me dizzy a[G]gain            [C]
You think after 22 years I'd [C]be used to the spin  [G]                [C]
And it [Am]only feels worse [G]when I stay in one p[C]lace             [Am]
So I'm always pacing around[C] or walking away     [G]                [C]
I keep drink[C]ing the ink from [G]my pen              [C]
And I'm balanci[C]ng history boo[G]ks up on my head      [C]
But it all[Am] boils dow[G]n to one quotable ph[C]rase             [Am]
If you lov[C]e something, give it aw[G]ay              [C]
A good woman[C] will pick you apart [G]                [C]
A box full [C]of suggestions [G]for your possible heart  [C]
But you may b[Am]e offended[G] and you may be afra[C]id               [Am]
But don[C]'t walk away, don't walk [G]away                     [C]
We made love on [C]the living room f[G]loor             [C]
With the noise in [C]the background [G]of a televised war       [C]
And in the deafening[Am] pleasure [G]I thought I heard someone say  [C]                 [Am]
"If we[C] walk away, they'll wa[G]lk away"                    [C]
But gree[C]d is a bottom[G]less pit        [C]
And our freedo[C]m's a joke we're j[G]ust taking a piss      [C]
And the whole[Am] world must watch [G]the sad comic display      [C]                 [Am]
If you'r[C]e still free star[G]t running away         [C]
Cause we're coming for you!

I've grown tired o[C]f holding thi[G]s post          [C]
I feel mor[C]e like a stranger [G]each time I come hom[C]e
So I'm [Am]making a [G]deal with the [C]devils of [Am]faith
Saying "[C]let me walk away,[G] please"[C]
You'll be free ch[C]ild once you [G]have died               [C]
From the shackle[C]s of language and[G] immeasurable time    [C]
And then we c[Am]an trade p[G]laces, play musical grace  [C]            [Am]
Till the[C]n walk away, walk away [G]                [C]
[Am]So I'm up at[G] dawn  [C]
[Am]Putting on m[G]y shoes[C]
I just w[F]ant to make [G]a clean esc[C]ape     [Am]
[Am]I'm leaving [G]but I d[C]on't know where to
I know I'm leaving but I don't know where to



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