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John Mayer

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Artist: John Mayer Song: Quiet
Quiet (John Mayer) Transcribed by Catherine Gagné (www3.sympatico.ca/g403z)
Capo 2nd fret.
e------------------2-------------------------4-------------------- b--4-----4---2----------4--------4---2--------------4--------4---- g--4-----4---4-----4----4--------4---4-------4------4--------4---- d--2-----2---2----------2--------2---2--------------2--------2---- a------------0--0--------------------0--0--0---------------------- e--0--0-----------------0--0--0------------------0--0--0--0-----0-
e------------2---------------------------------- b---2---------------4-------4------5--------5--- g---4--------4------4-------4------4--------4--- d---2---------------2-------2------2--------2--- a---0--0--0------------------------0--0--0------ e----------------0--0--0--0-----0---------------
Part 1
e--------------------------------------- b---4------4---5-----5-----4------------ g---4------4---4-----4-----4------------ d---2------2---2-----2-----2---(etc..)-- a--------------0--0--------------------- e---0---0---------------0--0------------
* If you'd like to strum, you can use Kyle Kessler's chords : (079800) and (x09600).
Part 2
" There's not a sound.. "
e--------------------------------(0)-- b---------3----3-----------------(0)-- g-------4------2---1----2--1---------- d-----2--------4---2----2--2---------- a---3----------2---------------------- e------------------0--0----0---(0)---- ***
*** There are some variations:
e-------------------------------------------------- b------------------------3---3------------------0-- g---1----1-----------1---4---2---1----2---1-----1-- d---2----2---------4-----2---4---4----4---4-------- a----------------2-------3---2--------------------- e---0--0----0--0-----------------0--0-----0---0----
Part 3
" Somehow, I can't seem to find.."
e---------------------------- b---3---3----5---2---5---2--- g---4---2----4---3---4---3--- d---2---4----6---2---6---2--- a---3---2----4---x---4---x--- e---x---x----x---2---x---2---
Part 4
" Daylight is climbing... "
e--0---0--------------------------------------------------------------0 b--3---3-------------3----------------------------------------3-------3 g--0---2--(0)--------0------------0-------0-------0-----------0-------0 d--2---0--(0)--------x--(x3)----0-------0-------0------------(2)--2---- a--2---x---x---0--2--3--------3-------2-------0------5-------(2)------- e--0---2---3--------------------------------------------3--2--0--0--0--
e--------------------------------------------------------------- b---------------------------------------4-----4---5------------- g-------0------0------0------0----------4-----4---4------------- d-----0------0------0------4------------2-----2---2---(etc..)--- a---3------2------0------5------------------------0------------- e--------------------------------3--2---0---0-------------------
ends with
e------(0)-- b------5---- g-----4----- d----2------ a---0------- e-----------
(1) Midnight lock all the doors and turn out the lights Feels like the end of the world this Sunday night
(2) There's not a sound Outside the snow's coming down (3) and somehow I can't seem to find the quiet inside my mind
(1) 3:02 the space in this room has turned on me and all my fears have cornered me here me and my TV screen
(2) The volume's down Blue lights are dancing around (3) and still, I can't seem to find the quiet inside my mind
(4) Daylight is climbing the walls cars start and feet walk the halls The world awakes and now I am safe at least by the light of day
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