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The Boy with the Moon & Star on his Head  Cat Stevens

Intro riff

Dsus2/4 D Dsus2/4 D
E |----0-----h2--p0-------0--h2------------|
B |-------------------3-----------3--------|
G |----0-----h2--p0-------0--h2------------| (Riff x3)
D |-------------------0-----------0---0----|
A |----------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------|
Verse 1
A gar[D]dener\'s daughter stopped me [G/D]on my w[D]ay on the d[G]ay I w[A]as to wed, (riff x2)
\"It is y[Em]ou who I w[G]ish to share my b[Em]ody w[A]ith\", she s[D]aid, (riff x2)
\"We\'ll f[D]ind a dry place u[G/D]nder the s[D]ky with a f[G]lower f[A]or a b[D]ed, (riff x2)
And for my j[Em]oy I will g[G]ive you a boy with a mo[Em]on and s[A]tar...
| /[Em]  /[A] / / | /[Em]  / [A] /   /   |...on his h[D]ead.\"(riff x3)

Verse 2

D G/D D G A F#m Em D(riff x2)
Her silver hair flowed in the air, laying waves a-cross the sun----,
Em G Em A D (riff x2)
Her hands were like the white sands, & her eyes had diamonds on,
D G/D D G A D (riff x2)
We left the road and headed up to the top of the Whisper Wood,
Em G Em A7 D (riff x2)
And we walked till we came to where the holy mag-nolia stood.
D G/D D G A F#m Bm Em A
There we lay cool in the shade singing songs and making love---,| / / / / |
D(riff x2) Em G Em A7 D (riff x2)
With the naked earth be-neath us and the uni-verse a-bove.

Verse 3 (Whistle)

D G A D D4 D2 D G A D Bm A G A
| / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / |
D(riff x4)
| / / / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / |
Verse 4

D G/D D Bm A D
The time was late my wedding wouldn\'t wait, I was sad, but I had to go,
(riff x2) Em G Em A7 D (riff x2)
So while she was a-sleep I kissed her cheek for cheer-io,
The wedding took place & people came from many miles
| / / / / | / / / / | / / / / |

Em G Em A D (riff x2)
There was plenty merriment, cider and wine a-bound,
D G/D D G A D (riff x2)
But, out of all that I re-call, I re-membered the girl I met,
Em G Em A D (riff x4)
\'Cause she had given me something that my heart could not for-get.
Verse 5

D G A D D4 D2 D
La, la, la! La-la, la!
D G A D Bm A G
La, la, la, la! La-la, la-la, la , la-la, la !

A D (riff x2)
La-la, la! La, la-la, la - a!

Verse 6

D G/D D G A F#m
A year had passed and everything was just as it was the year be-fore----,
(just as it was

Bm G A D (riff x2)
---------------, as it was the year be - fore,
the year be-fore, as it was the year before!)

Em G Em A D (riff x2)
Until the gift that someone left, a basket by my door,
D G/D D G A D (riff x2)
And in there lay the fairest little baby crying to be fed,
Em G Em A
I got down on my knees and kissed the moon & star...
Em A Em A D (riff x4)
| / / / / | Woh, oh-oh, ...on his head.

Verse 7

D G/D D G A D (riff x2)
As years went by the boy grew high and the village looked on in awe,
Em G Em A D (riff x2)
They\'d never seen anything like the boy with the moon & star be-fore,
D G/D D G A D(riff x2)
And people would ride from far and wide just to seek the word he spread,
Em G Em A7 D (riff x2)
\"I\'ll tell you every-thing I\'ve learnt, and love is all!, he said.

Verse 8

D G A D D4 D2 D
La, la-la, la, la! La-la, la-la, la!
D G A D Bm A G
La, la-la, la, la! La-la, la-la, la , la-la, la !

A D D4 D2 D
La-la, la! La, la-la, la, la, la!



D Dsus2/4 G/D G A Em
xx0232 xx0030 xx0003 320003 x02220 022000
F#m Bm B E D4 D2
244222 224432 223332 022100 xx0233 xx0230

(riff x2)- Indicates how many times the intro riff should be played at each break.
Use a fingerpicking style on the riff with the Thumb and Index fingers picking pairs
of strings together.
The riff is based around a first position D chord shape, keep the ring finger on the
2nd string whilst hammering on and off the 1st and 3rd strings together,( alternating
between the Dsus2/4 chord and the D major chord.)

Left hand Fingers:
T= Thumb I= Index finger M= Middle finger R= Ring finger L= Little finger

NB: These suggested fingerings of the chords are shown as played with the left hand
(i.e. for a right handed player.)

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A D Em G G/D
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