Aint No Love

David Gray



 Maybe that it would do me good
If I believed there were a god
Cut in the starry firmament
But as it is that's just a lie
F6 G*
And I'm here eating up the boredom
On an island of cement
Give me your ecstasy I'll feel it
Open window and I'll steal it
Baby like it's heaven sent
This ain't no love that's guiding me  

-Verse 2
Some days i'm bursting at the seams
with all my half remembered dreams
and then it shoots me down again
i feel the dampness as it creeps
I hear you coughing in your sleep
beneath a broken window pane
tomorrow girl i'll buy you chips
a lollipop to stain your lips
and it'll all be right as rain Am
this ain't no love that's guiding me     
this ain't no love that's guiding me  

 no i-t a-in't no love     guiding me
 no i-t a-in't no love     guiding me
 no i-t a-in't no love     guiding me          

this ain't no love that's guiding me     
this ain't no love that's guiding me  

on winter trees the fruit of rain
is hanging trembling in the branches

like a thousand diamond buds
and waiting there in every pause
that old familiar fear that claws you
tells you nothing ain't no good
then pulling back you see it all
down here so laughable and small
hardly a quiver in the dirt Am
G F F finish -C
this ain't no love that's guiding me

By Johan Strindberg 2006



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Am C F F6 G G7 Gsus4
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