Bloc Party

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Artist: Bloc Party Song: Skeleton
ok this is skeleton
there are already 2 other versions of this tab and they are both wrong i kow this i am a member of the marshals( a fan club for bloc party) and on it it has the skeleton tab out buy russell and kell (lead and rythem guitar) this is 100 % right ok
first of all kele is guitar one and he is rythem and russell is lead and hes guitar 2
the song is in standard tunning
guitar 1 riff one e|--------------------------------| B|-10h-11h-10------10h-11h-10-----| G|----------------------------10--| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|
riff 2 e|-----------------------------------| B|-10h-11h-10------10h-11h-10--------| G|----------------------------10---10| D|-------------------------------12--| A|-----------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|
riff 3 e|---------------------------------------------| B|---10---10----10--11-10-----10----10----11-13| G|-10---10---10------------10----10----10------| D|---------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|
riff 4
e|------------------------------------------------| B|----10--13----10--13-----10--13----10----11-10--| G|-10--------10---------10--------10----10--------| D|------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------|
on now for the lead there is a lot more than the rythem
riff one e|--------------------------| B|--6-6-5-5-----------------| G|----------5---5---5---5---| D|------------7---7---7---7-| A|--------------------------| E|--------------------------|
riff 2 e|-----------------------------------------8-5-----| B|-6-5------6-5-----6-5------6-5-----6-5-----------| G|-----5--------5-------5--------5-------5---------| D|-------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------|
riff 3 e|------8-5---| B|6-5---------| G|----5-------| D|------------| A|------------| E|------------|
riff 4 e|------------------------------------------| B|-8--9----6--5--13-12--10--9---------------| G|-9--10---7--5--14--12--11--9--------------| D|------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------|
riff 5
e|------8--------8------8------8--------| B|----8-------8-------8------8----------| G|-10------10------10-----10------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------|
riff 6
e|------8--------8------8------8--------| B|----8-------8-------8------8----------| G|-9-------9-------9-------9------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------|
riff 7 e|-0----0-----0---8-----8-----8---| A|--6-----6-----6---6-----6-----6-| D|---7------7---------7-----7-----| G|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|
riff 8
e|-13--12-----| A|-13--13--13-| D|---------14-| G|------------| B|------------|
riff 9 e|-8---------------8---------------8--| A|-10--8----6--8---11---8---6--8---10-| D|-10--9----7--9---10---9---7--9---10-| G|-----10---8--10-------10--8--10-----| B|-----10---8--10-------10--8--10-----| E|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------|
ok it gose like this
guitar one(kele) dose
INTRO riff 1 and riff 2 and riff 3
VERSE riff 3 and riff 4
CHORUS riff 3 and riff 4
BREAK riff 4
OUTRO riff 3 and riff 4
LEAD ( russell)
INTO riff 1
VERSE riff 2 and riff 3
CHORUS riff 4
VERSE 2 riff 5 and riff 6
BREAK riff 7 and riff 8
OUTRO riff 9
ok thats it enjoy
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