A Fool For Your Stockings

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D5 D+ Dm D-e string (2x)     Am^  C^  Am^  B^   D|-7-5-3-2-|

Am Am (2x)

 v. 1
Am Am/f Am Am/f
Is it you walking outside, just banging on the front door?
Am Am/ f Am Am/f
You said you had enough, now you coming back for more.

But that's alright,                         
Am Am/f Am Am/f
I said that that's alright.
 I may not want to admit it,
B7 E7 Am Am/f Am Am/f
I'm just a fool for your stockings I believe.

 v. 2
Now I don't mind when you send money,
And bring your girlfriends with you.
But how could one be so thoughtless, to try handle less than two.

 Inst. 2x
Now I'm telling everybody, it seems too good to be true.
Sweet things can always get sweeter, I know mine did how 'bout

 Yes it's alrigbt, I said yes it yes it is, tbat's alrigbt.…

(Inst. & fade)



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C Dm Dmsus
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