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Summer 68  Pink Floyd

[D]   [Gmaj7]       [D]   [Gmaj7]       [D]   [Em]    [G]   [A7]    [D]  [Em] [G] [A7] [D] 
[D]Would you like to say some[G]thing before you [D]leave?

Perhaps you'd care to state ex[G]actly how you [D]feel.

We say goodbye be[G]fore we've said hel[D]lo.

I [A]hardly even like you. I [G]shouldn't care at [D]all.

We [A]met just six hours ago. The [G]music was too [D]loud.

[A]From your bed I came today and [G]lost a bloody [D]year.

And [A]I would like to [G]know, [Bm7]how do you feel?

[F]How do feel?

[A]   [D]   [Em(addA]          [Dmaj7/F#]          [Dm]    [Cmaj7]      [Dm7] [Cmaj7] [Dm] [Cmaj7] [Dm7] [Cmaj7] [Dm] 
[Bb]    [C]   [F]   [Bb]    [E]   [A]   [D]   [G/D]     [D]   [G/D]     [D] [G/D] [D] [G/D] 
[D]Not a single word was said. They [G]lied still without [D]fears.

Occasionally you showed a smile, but [G]what was the [D]need?

I felt the cold far too soon in a [G]wind of ninety-f[D]ive.

My [A]friends are lying in the sun, I [G]wish that I was [D]there.

To[A]morrow brings another town, an[G]other girl like [D]you.

[A]Have your time before you leave to [G]greet another [D]man [A]just to let me [G]know,

[Bm7]How do you feel?

[F]How do you feel?

[Am]    [D]   [Em(addA]          [Dmaj7/F#]          [Dm]    [Cmaj7]     [Dm7] [Cmaj7] [Dm] [Cmaj7] [Dm7] [Cmaj7] [Dm] 
[Gm/Bb]       [C]   [F6]    [F]   [Bb]    [E+]    [E]   [A]         

[Dm]Goodbye to you.

[A7sus2]Childish bangles too.

[Am/D]I've had enough for one [G]day.

[Gm]    [Dm]    [Cmaj7]       [Dm7]     [Cmaj7]       [Dm]    [Cmaj7]     [Dm7] [Cmaj7] [Dm] [Gm/Bb] 
[C]   [F6]    [F]   [Bb]    [E+]    [E]   [A]                


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