Foggy Notion

Velvet Underground

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Artist: Velvet Underground Song: Foggy Notion
"Foggy Notion" from Velvet Underground's VU Lou, Maureen, Sterling and Doug
Very groovy song built around an A Blues Progression (kinda)
G|--------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|------------457----------------457----| E|--55--555--5---5-5--555--555--5---5-5-| Repeated until (1:00) into song
"She's over by the corner Got her hands by her sides They hit her harder harder harder Till they thought she might die
Well I got a foggy notion, do it again Over by the corner, do it again I got my calomine lotion baby, do it again I got a foggy notion, do it again"
...some cool guitar then (starting at about 1:00)
G|----------------------------------------------| D|-77777777-------77777777------777-77754-------| A|---------457-----------457-------------457----| E|------------5-5-----------5-5-------------5-5-|
...the origional pattern repeated some...
G|--------------------| D|--------------------| A|-------------457----| E|--555--555--5---5-5-|
(1:23) G|--------------------------------------------------------| D|-77777777---7-7-77777777---7-7-777-77777---7-7-777-777--| A|---------457------------457-------------457-------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|
(1:34) G|------------------| D|-777-777-777-777--| A|------------------| E|------------------|Repeat this for a while...
"She made me do something that I never did before I rushed right down to a flower store"
(1:45) G|------------------| D|------------------| A|-555-555-555-555--| E|------------------|
"I bought her a boundle a beautiful batch"
(1:49) G|------------------| D|-777-777-777-777--| A|------------------| E|------------------|
"Dont't you know something, she sent 'em right back"
(1:52) G|-------------------------| D|-9-7-5-44-5-7-7-77-------| A|------------------5-555--| E|-------------------------|
Back to G|------------------| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|-555-555-555-555--| x2
"Sally Mae, Sally Mae, Sally Mae, Sally Mae,
and do this little add on when switching to D
G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------------------| A|-----------------455-555-555-555--| E|-555-555-555-555------------------|
"Woo, Sally Mae, Sally Mae,
G|------------------| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|-555-555-555-555--|
Sally Mae, Sally Mae"
G|-----------------------| D|-9-7-5-44-5-6-77-------| A|----------------5-555--| E|-----------------------|
That's the basic structure of the song, with lots of repeats of hooks and then little like this thrown in:
(2:23) G|-------------------| D|--9-7-40-----------| A|--------0345-555---| E|-5-----------------|
and then on the return to A
G|--------------------| D|--4-5--4-47---------| A|-5------5-----------| E|-----------555-555--|
(2:44) G|--------------------| D|------7-754---------| A|---457-----55-555---| E|-55-----------------|
G|--------------------| D|----4567----4567----| A|-55-----------------| E|--------5-5-----5-5-|
Just jam with the song and try out your own riffs. There you go, and Have fun.
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