New Slang


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Artist: Shins Song: New Slang
Quick word on the chords: pluck the bass note on the first beat and strum down and then on the third and fourth beats respectively, with maybe a light strum up on the second Can strum all the notes but I find if you just strum the top three (the G,B and e it sounds more like the real thing). And when you strum the G and F for two bars in the strum up instead of plucking the bass note for the second bar. Before the chorus just up.
INTRO Am Am/E Am Am/E (i.e. play Am but pluck A, E, A, E bass note) Am C F C/E G C Am/E G (x4) C C/G C A|--3-2-
Am Am/E C F F Gold teeth and a curse for this town C/E G G were all in my mouth C F F only I don't know how Am/E G they got out dear Am Am/E C F F Turn me back into the pet C/E G G I was when we met C F I was happier then Am/E G G G G with no mind-set
CHORUS G(x2) C(x2) And if you took to me like F C/E G G a gull takes to the wind G(x2) C(x2) then I'd-a jumped from my tree F(/C) C F C and I'd have danced like the king of the eyesores F C G G and the rest of our lives would have fared well
Am Am/E C F F New slang when you notice the stripes C/E G G the dirt in your fries C F F hope it's right when you die Am/E G old and bo---ny Am Am/E C F F Dawn breaks like a bull through the hall C/E G G never should have called C F
but my head's to the wall Am/E G G G and I'm lo---nely
REPEAT CHORUS exactly as above
(Other versions of the solo aren't quite right, so this is the best I could come up with, I think it's pretty much there. I've tried to get the timing right, but you'll need to listen hard to the song if you want to play it perfect.)

[1/3 means pluck with first fret held down and slide to 3; 2p0 means pluck with second fret down and pull off to open string]
1st solo (2:09)
e|-----3p0-----------------3/5-3--------------0-3/5--5--| B|--3/5---3/1-0-1-/6--55---------5/3--1-3/5--1----------| G|------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------|
e|-555-3--555-3-p0--------------------------------------| B|-----------------3/1-3/5----0-1---0-3-1---------------| G|--------------------------2-----0---------------------| D|---------------------------------------------2p0------| A|------------------------------------------------3-----| E|------------------------------------------------------|
Am Am/E C F F God speed all the bakers at dawn C/E G G may all cut their thumbs C F and bleed into their buns Am/E G G G 'til they melt away
G(x2) C(x2) I'm looking in at the good life F C/E G I might be doomed never to find G(x2) C(x2) Without a trust or flaming fields F C/E G am I too dumb to refine G(x2) C(x2) and if you took to me like F(/C) C F C well I'd have danced like the queen of the eyesores F C/E G and the rest of our lives would have fared well
2nd solo (3:08)
e|------0-------------------------------------------------| B|--0h1---1/3-3/5-6~-5-5--666-8-10-8---5/3--1/3-5-3/5-6-6-| G|--------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|
e|-----------------------------------------------------| B|-6--5-5--666-8-10-8----1-3/5-3-1-0---0-1-------------| G|-----------------------------------2-----------------| D|-----------------------------------------------2p0---| G|--------------------------------------------------3--| E|-----------------------------------------------------|
Am C F C/E G C Am/E G (x2) end on C
Brilliant song, hope this helps you recreate the magic.
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