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Blue Heaven Rendezvous  Jimmy Buffett

[Bb7]Blue light guitars and a tropical br[Cmaj7]eeze
[Bb7]humming birds mime the words as they dance in the trees     [Cmaj7]
[Fmaj7]it's a flashback kind of crowd    [F#]
[C/G]it's a cabaret sound     [Am7]
[D9]there's still some magic left in
[F/G]this tourist town[G7b9]


[Cmaj7]Those crazy[Em7] days [Ebm7]
[Dm7]and crazy ways   [G]
[Em7b5]We never want to[A+] undo        [Dm7]                 [G7]
[F#m7]We'll be togeth[B7b9]er,     n[Em7b5]ow and forever [A+]
[Dm7]at the blue heave[G7]n rendezvous         [Cmaj7]

[Gm7]if these walls could talk    [C7]
[Fmaj7]I don't know what[Am7] they'd say     [Abm7]
[Gm7]they've seen so[C7]me accidental masquerades          [Fmaj7]
[Em7b5]but it's no sur[A7]prise, dan[Dm7]ces till dawn, [C6]
[Bm7b5]heroes long gon[E7]e, just let th[G7]at guitar pla[A7]y

We were weird roman candles
buring bright at both ends
at the end of the road
is wherre the story begins
where the green of the gulf
meets the blue of the sea
what makes it all happen
still a mystery to me

***listen for timing and stuff, hope this helps***

Bb7 (x13131)
Cmaj7 (x32000)
Fmaj7 (1X221X)
C/G (X32010)

Am7 (X02010)
D9 (02X132)
[F/G]G7b9       (3[133211]20003)
Em7 (022030)
Ebm7 (xx1322)
F#m7b5 (2x221x)
B7b9 (x21201)
A+ (x0322x)
C6 (03221x)



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