Do Me A Favour

Arctic Monkeys

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Artist: Arctic Monkeys Song: Do Me A Favour
Do me a favour - arctic monkeys Chords D (x57775) E (x79997) F#m(244222)in chorus play as (x9-11-11-10-9) D5 (x577xx) E5 (x799xx) F#5(x9-11-11-xx)
Intro: G:--------------------------| D:--------------------------| A:------4-4----------4-4-4--| E:--2-5-------2-2-5---------|
The F#m chord is strummed downwards on top of this bass riff all the way until the chorus: e:-2----| B:-2----| G:-2----| D:-4----| A:-4----| E:-2----|
Then the 2nd guitar comes in and plays this: e:--9---7--5--2------4-----| B:--10--9--7--2------2-----| G:-------------------- x 2-| D:-------------------------| A:-------------------------| E:-------------------------|
Then e:--9---7--5--2-----9---7--4------| B:--10--9--7--2-----10--9--2------| G:-------------------------- x 2-| D:--------------------------------| A:--------------------------------| E:--------------------------------|
3rd time e:--9---7--5--2-----4 <---------| Do not play these last two notes on the B:--10--9--7--2-----2------------| fourth time. G:------------------- x 4--------| D:-------------------------------| A:-------------------------------| E:-------------------------------|
then this is played by the lead guitar in the chorus over the chords: D,F#m,E e:--------------------------------------------------| B:--------------------------------------------------| G:---------11--9--6---4p2h4---2-----2---------- x 3-| D:-------------------------------4-----4--2~~~~-----| A:------9-------------------------------------------| E:--------------------------------------------------|
on the third time there as an additional part which is e:-------------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------------------|
G:---------------------2--4--6--4--6--9 x 1-| D:---4--2----------4-------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------|
Back to: e:--9---7--5--2-----| B:--10--9--7--2-----| G:------------------| x 3 D:------------------| A:------------------| E:------------------|
This interlude part comes in e:-----------------------------------------| B:-----------------------------------------| G:-----------------------------------------| D:-----------------------------------------| A:----4---2----0-------------------0-----2-| E:------------------4---2----4-------------|
The F#m chord is then played over this riff again: e:--9---7--5--2-----4------| B:--10--9--7--2-----2------| G:------------------- x 3-| D:-------------------------| A:-------------------------| E:-------------------------|
Then the bass plays these two basslines: (listen to know when to play each) G:------------------------ -----------------------| D:------------------------ ----------2----------2-| A:-----2--4---------2--4-- and --------4---------4----| E:2--5--------2-2-5------- -2---5------2-2-5------|
finally this is the outro to the song rhythm guitar: D5 F#5 E5 e:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx B:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx G:77777777111111119999 x 8 D:77777777111111119999 A:555555559-9-9-9-7777 E:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lead (tremolo picking) ive put the notes you play for each bar of the outro there are 8 bars but this is only played for 4 of the bars (all notes played on D string): 1st bar:4444444444444444444 2nd bar:7777777777777777777 3rd bar:99999999111111121212 4th bar:1111112121212121412
bass follows the chord sequence apart from this riff: G:-----------------------------| D:-----------------------------| A:------22--44--77--55--44--22-| E:22-55------------------------|
Thats all if you have any corrections feel free to add to this. Please rate as well as this took me ages!!
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