Syd Barrett

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Artist: Syd Barrett Song: Wolfpack
---------------------- Wolfpack - Syd Barrett ---------------------- Approximately transcribed by Greg O'Beirne (gobeirne@tartarus.uwa.edu.au)
A x 2 D x 6 Howling the pack in formation appear A x 4 diamonds and clubs, light misted fog of the B x 3 dead A x 12 waving us back in formation the pack in formation D x 3 bowling they bat as a group and the A x 4 leader is seen... so B x 2 early... the C x 2 pack on their backs, the A x 12 fighters through misty the waving... the pack in formation far reaching waves
on sight, shone right I lay as if in C x 4 surround... A x 20 all enmeshing, hovering... the milder I gaze all the animals laying trail beyond the far winds mild the reflecting C x 6 electricity eyes... tears, the D x 4 life that was ours grows sharper and stronger A x 4 away and beyond... short B x 2 wheeling... fresh C x 2 spring A x 11 gripped with blanched bones... moaned magnesium, proverbs and sods... D x 7 howling the pack in formation appear A x 4 diamonds and clubs, light misted fog of the B x 4 dead A x 50+ waving us back in formation, the pack in formation...
Both the lyrics & number of bars of each chord is approximate, so any comments/corrections/suggestions welcome :) -- Greg O'Beirne gobeirne@tartarus.uwa.edu.au http://www.uwa.edu.au/student/gobeirne/ http://www.uwa.edu.au/student/gobeirne/Transcriptions.html
"Tight fisted frog of the dead?!?!?" :)
+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation | | of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, | | or research. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+
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