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One Less Bell  Fifth Dimension

Verse 1:

        [Dmaj7]One   less b[D6]ell to [Dmaj7]answer
        [Bm9]One [F#m7]less [Bm9]egg to [F#m7]fry
        [Gmaj7]One less man t[C#m7/F#]o pick up a[F#7]fter
        [Bm9]I should be h[E7]appy [Em7/A]
        But [Em7]all [F#m7] I   [Gmaj7] do   [Gmaj7/A] is     [Dmaj7] cry

Verse 2:

        ([Dmaj7]Cry, cry, [D6]no more [Dmaj7]laughter)  I should be happy
        ([Bm9]Oh, [F#m7]why  [Bm9]did he[F#m7] go)
        [Gmaj7]Since he left my[C#m7/F#] life's so [F#7]empty


        [Ebmaj7]Though I try to forget it just [Gm7]can't be done
        Each time the [Abmaj7]doorbell rings I still[Dm7/G] run

        I don't know[Cmaj7] how in the[Cmaj7/E] world
        To stop [Fmaj7]thinkin[Cmaj7/E]g of him
        [Fmaj7]'Cause I[Cmaj7/E] still love him[Bm7/E] so    [E7]
        I spend each [Em9]day the way I s[A13]tart out
        [Em9]Crying my h[A13]eart out

Verse 3 (first two lines instrumental):

        [Gmaj7]One less man to [F#m7]pick up a[Bm7]fter
        [Em9]No more l[A13]aughter,[Am6] no more [B7-9]love
        [Em9]Since he [F#m7]went [Gmaj7]away  [Gmaj7/A]  (he went away)


        ([Dmaj7]One less b[D6]ell to [Dmaj7]answer)    Why did he leave me
        ([Bm9]Why,[F#m7] why,[Em7/G] why  [F#m7] did [Gmaj7/E]   he   [Gmaj7/A]leave)

(One less bell to answer) Now I've got one less egg to fry
One less egg to fry
(Why, why, why did he leave) And all I do is cry

(One less bell to answer) Because a man told me goodbye
(Why, why, why did he leave)

(One less bell to answer) Somebody tell me please
Where did he go, why did he go
(Why, why, why did he leave) How could he leave me

(end cold on Dmaj7)

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers



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