Noticed no one had this tab so I tabbed it for you! Hope you appreciate it..
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Props go to: Gabe 

John Mayer Somethings Missing p -Pull Off ^ -Strum Up ( )-Optional h -Hammer On This is the tuning for it: high e=e (dont change) B=B (dont change) G=F# (2nd fret on the newly tuned E string) D=E (The 5th fret on the newly tuned B string) A=B (The 7th fret on low E) low E=E (dont change)
Intro e-----0^-------------------------------0------------- B-----0^-------------------------------0------------- F#----0^----0---0----0---0-------------0------------- E-----0^---0---0----0---0---2p0--------0------------- B-----2^--2---4-----------------4p0-2--2------------- E-----------------2----4----------------------------- Play intro 4 times
e----0----------0----------0--------------------- B----0----------0----------0----------0---0------ F#---2--(0h2)---9--(0h9)---5--(0)-----0---0------ E----0--(0)-----0--(0)-----5--(5)-----0---0------ B----2--(2)-----9--(9)-----x--(x)-----4--(0h4)--- E---------------0----------5--(5)-----4--(4)-----
e--------------------------------------------- B---12-----------------12--------------------- F#--12-----------------12--------------------- E---12-11--------------12-11------------------ B----9----12-9----------9----12-9------------- E----0------------------9--------------------- Play each part twice..
Thats pretty much the whole song, hope

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