Crazy as a Loon - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S. Email: Dlgibson@netscape.com
Tuning: Standard
Artist: John Prine Album: Fair and Square Year: 2005
Intro: D A E A D A E A
A D Back before I was a movie star A Straight off of the farm E I had a picture of another man's wife A Tattooed on my arm D With a pack of Camel cigarettes A In the sleeve of my tee shirt E I'm headin' out to Hollywood A Just to have my feelings hurt
Chorus: A D That town will make you crazy A Just give it a little time E You'll be walking 'round in circles A Down at Hollywood and Vine D You'll be waitin' on a phone call A At the wrong end of a broom E Yes, that town'll make you crazy A Crazy as a loon
A D So, I headed down to Nashville A To become a country star E Every night you'd find me hangin' A At every honky-tonk and bar
D Pretty soon I met a woman A Pretty soon she done me wrong E Pretty soon my life got sadder A Than any country song
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)
A D So, I gathered up my savvy A Bought myself a business suit E I headed up to New York City A Where a man can make some loot D I got hired Monday morning A Downsized that afternoon E Overcome with grief that evening A Now I'm crazy as a loon
D So I'm up here in the north woods A Just staring at a lake E Wondering just exactly how much A They think a man can take D I eat fish to pass the time away A 'Neath this blue Canadian moon E This old world has made me crazy A Crazy as a loon E Lord, this world will make you crazy A Crazy as a loon
(Repeat Intro)

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