Combination(Perry) by Aerosmith from "Rocks"(1976)
Editor's Note: If you want a completely accurate transcription of this song, tune down 1/2 step, then buy the wonderful 'Rocks' songbook. What follows was transcribed before I knew the correct way to play it. Use it if you can. BTW, thanks to Luiz Rocha for the variations on the riffs. It sounds correct.
The main riff is kind of in two parts. Variations of the second part are used for the verse. 'part 1'- E----------------------------------| B----------------------------------| G----------------------------------| D----------------2--2--5--4--2-----| A----------2p0---2--2--5--4--2-----| E--0-2h3p0-------0--0--3--2--0-----|
'part 2'- E----------------------------------| B----------------------------------| G----------------2--2--5--4--2-----| D----------2p0---2--2--5--4--2-----| A--0-2-3p0-------0--0--3--2--0-----| E----------------------------------|
Some of the variations that I hear are variations in pull-offs(these occur throughout,I think) and the extra chords that I have indicated with parentheses.
The next big riff goes like this: I forgot my name... E--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G--------------------------------9--7--7\6---------| D----------------------2------2--9--7--7\6---------| A--\7--5---------------2------2--7--5--5\4---------| E----------0--7--5--3--0------0--------------------|
The chords at the end of that riff are somewhat muddied with distortion so it's hard to tell exactly what they are. What I have tabbed sounds similar, though, if not identical.
The same goes for this riff: A G F#m I found the secret... E--------------------------------3----------------2-| B---------------2----------------3----------------2-| G---------------2----------------0----------------2-|
D----------2p0--2-----------2p0--0-----------2p0--4-| A--0-2-3p0----------0-2-3p0------2---0-2-3p0------4-| E--------------------------------3----------------2-| Fm E---------------1--| B---------------1--| G---------------1--| D----------2p0--3--| A--0-2-3p0------3--| E---------------1--||
I don't know the solo(but would love to, of course). If you know it, send it to me and I'll put it up.
outro- E--------------------------------------------------| B----------7--7----------5--5---------3--3---------| G----------7--7----------5--5---------3--3---------| D----------7--7----------5--5---------3--3---------| A---0-7-9---------0-5-7---------0-3-5--------3p20--| E--------------------------------------------------|
E------------| B--2----2----| G--2----2----| D--2----2----| A------------| E------------| 3x then: E---6\7--7-7-7-7-7-|--6\7--7--9--9-9-9--------------| B---6\7--7-7-7-7-7-|--6\7--7--9--9-9-9--------------| G---6\7--7-7-7-7-7-|--6\7--7--9--9-9-9--------------| D---6\7--7-7-7-7-7-|--6\7--7--9--9-9-9--------------| A------------------|--------------------------------| E------------------|--------------------------------|
Symbols used in transcription: \ = slide h = hammer-on p = pull-off
Transcribed by Bryson Meunier( and Luiz Rocha(

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