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Take My Head


Take My Head by Amen
Tabbed by Asscobra (the_asscobra@hotmail.com) if you put this tab any where please leave it as it is and give me credit and the band as they wrote it in the first an please rate it
Tuning: Drop D [D,A,D,G,b,e] Intro: e|----------------------------------------------| b|----------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------| D|-6-5-3-0-555-0-0000000--6-5-3-0-555-3-3333333-| A|-6-5-3-0-555-0-0000000--6-5-3-0-555-3-3333333-| D|-6-5-3-0-555-0-0000000--6-5-3-0-555-3-3333333-|
Verse: e|------------|-----------------| b|------------|-----------------| G|------------|-----------------| D|------------|-----------------| A|------------|-----------------| D|-000000-3-6-|-0-3-6-0-3-6-0-6-|

Chorus: e|--------------| b|--------------| G|--------------| D|---------6666-| A|---------6666-| D|-0-3-6-0-6666-|
Post-Chorus: e|---------|---------------------| b|---------|---------------------| G|---------|---------------------| D|-2-3-0-6-|-2222-3333-xxxx-1111-| A|-2-3-0-6-|-2222-3333-xxxx-1111-| D|-2-3-0-6-|-2222-3333-xxxx-1111-|
Chorus Variation: e|-------------------------------------------------------------| b|-------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------| D|-0-3-6-0-6666--0-3-6-0-7777--0-3-6-0--8888--0-3-6-0-10101010-| A|-0-3-6-0-6666--0-3-6-0-7777--0-3-6-0--8888--0-3-6-0-10101010-| D|-0-3-6-0-6666--0-3-6-0-7777--0-3-6-0--8888--0-3-6-0-10101010-|
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